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While not everyone agrees on the best long-range approach to space security, it’s becoming rapidly apparent that certified space security specialists will be taking on roles of extreme importance.

Global concerns over space security stem from many factors such as the reality that space development has reached an inflection point, transitioning from a phase of discovery to phases of security and commerce.

The truth of the matter is that spacefaring countries and companies are harnessing new technologies to push new boundaries, uncovering value while simultaneously opening the door to chaos and competition.

Bottom line: Space security (as well as prosperity) are extremely important to life on Earth, and too sensitive to long-term trends, to address with short-term strategies.

Economic prosperity on Earth increasingly depends on data transmitted through space. Even more so than many domains on Earth, security and prosperity in space depend on long-term technology developments.

The military aspects also play into space security. Space security specialists acknowledge that the security of assets in space will have a defining impact on future terrestrial conflicts.

Experts in this field contend that while the 2020 US National Space Policy and 2018 US National Space Strategy helpfully identified principles, goals, and guidelines for US space activity, a longer-term lens is needed.

Principle recommendations for the United States stretching out over the next three decades include:

  • Establishing a collective security alliance for space
  • Refining and updating the legal and regulatory frameworks governing space
  • Accelerating space commerce through effective yet understandable regulations and targeted investment

Concerns are also mounting in space security circles regarding space beyond the satellite realm. Consequently, space security specialists would like the U.S. to lead the way in establishing a cislunar approach to space development.

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