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The push is on to develop more space security specialists.

It’s no wonder considering global security and space security are becoming increasingly connected.

Truth is,  space is indispensable for our global society, as we rely heavily on space assets for global communications and transactions. Space is no longer an area solely for exploratory adventures through which states gain prestige and boost domestic patriotism or government popularity.

Outer space, once perceived as a mysterious no man’s land, is increasingly seen as a contested area and a resource to be exploited and dominated.

Space technologies are increasingly crucial to the economy, as they provide global navigation capabilities and television and mobile phone communication services.

Global navigation systems provide vital services for many spheres of the economy, including agriculture (field mapping, scouting, etc.), rail (collision prevention), and roads (vehicle navigation). In outer space itself, the mining of asteroids for valuable minerals could soon be another source of revenue, especially as Earth’s resources become scarcer.

What it all means is this: We need to protect space now more than ever from cyber criminals who are very much aware of the importance of our society’s space assets.

Despite efforts to improve the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure in the U.S., there has been little focus on cybersecurity for space systems until very recently.

While security standards for critical infrastructure are often technically sufficient to deter many attacks, they remain a challenge to implement due to time and resource constraints. Space systems, however, are more complex than critical infrastructure from a technology development, ownership and management perspective.

In order to better prepare for better space cybersecurity, IS4 (International Society of Space and Security Specialists) has been very active in the education of cybersecurity personnel in space security matters. IS4 (the world’s only space cybersecurity certification authority) is now an international membership association for space and security professionals offering Certified Space Security Specialist Professional  (CSSSP) and other space cybersecurity certifications.

In coordination with IS4, Tonex offers Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP) in order to train current and future personnel in how to more effectively manage space security. The 5-day course is ideal for space and security practitioners, analysts, engineers, managers and executives interested in proving their knowledge across space security practices and principles.

Our Space Operations and Cybersecurity courses also include:

Fundamentals of Positioning, Navigation and Timing | PNT Training (2 days)

Space Mission Systems Engineering Training (2 days)

Space Systems Engineering Fundamentals (2 days)

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