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Systems Architecture Training Principles and Practices

Systems Architecture Training Principles and Practices  covers system architecture principles, guidelines, best practices and methods. TONEX  offers more than 20 professional certificate programs including Advanced Systems Engineering Certificate. Click here for details on Systems Architecture Training Principles and Practices training program.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of the Life cycle Model for Systems and System of Systems (SoS)
  • Introduction to System Architecture
  • System Architecture Context
  • System Architecture Activities
  • Modeling and Documenting System Architecture

Learn how to:

  • Create System Architecture Viewpoints and Models
  • Analyze Systems Viewpoint
  • Create Models within the Systems Viewpoint describing systems and interconnections Create Systems Models
  • Trace associate systems resources to the operational and capability requirements
  • Define Models to support of legacy systems
  • Analyze Systems Interfaces and identification of systems
  • Create system items, and their interconnections
  • Analyze Resource Flows exchanged between systems
  • Create Systems-Systems Matrix
  • Model Systems Functionality
  • Analyze, Model and Create Operational Activity to Systems Traceability Matrix
  • Analyze Systems Architecture Evolution
  • Create Systems Technology & Skills Forecast
  • Create Systems Rules Model
  • Map operational development processes to the system architecture
  • Map the Systems Viewpoint to other views and artifacts
  • Analyze Concepts, Associations, and Attributes describing you Meta-model Data Dictionary

System Architecture training will teach you how to develop the Target Systems (Data and Application) Architecture, leading to indicators on how the Systems Architecture will enable the Business Architecture and the Architecture vision and context tracing to stakeholder concerns.
Learn how to identify candidate Architecture components based upon gaps between the Baseline and Target Systems Architectures


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