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Systems Engineering Lessons Learned | A Case Study Course

Systems Engineering Lessons Learned is a Case Study Problem-based training course challenging participants to learn through engagement in real problems and failures by analyzing the case studies and Failure Analysis Workshops.

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Learn by analyzing System Failure Case Studies of system failures from which attendees can learn. The Role of Failure in Successful Design shows that engineers must strive to anticipate and predict the ways in which a design might fail, and TONEX case studies are excellent tools highlighting many of these failure modes.

Topics Include:

  • Case Studies on Systeme Engineering and Engineering Failures
  • Systems Engineering System Wide Analysis and Requirements Engineering
  • Design Failures
  • Organizational and Planning Failures
  • Leadership and Governance Failures
  • Judgment Failures
  • Underestimation and Analysis Failures
  • Quality Failures
  • Risk Failures
  • Skills, Knowledge and Competency Failures
  • Teamwork and Communications Failures
  • Strategy Failures
  • DoD, NASA and NATO Engineering Design Successes Case Studies
  • Engineering Design Failures both internal and external to NASA Case Studies (Choices need to be discussed and picked)
  • Primary causes of engineering disasters
  • Layers in Project Success
  • Layers in Project Failures
  • What Makes a Failure Into an “Engineering Disaster”?
  • Drivers and Contributing Factors
  • Symptoms of a Failed or Failing Project
  • The Common Characteristics of Design Failures
  • Techniques for Avoiding Design Failures
  • Failure Analysis Workshop Topics
  • Structural Failures: Unforeseen Loads & Consequences
  • Analyzing Human System Interaction Failures: Flawed Decision Making
  • Analyzing Human System Interaction Failures: Flawed Safety Culture
  • Failures of Design Management
  • Analyzing Failure of Design Management: Visionary Management Style
  • Inaccurate Assessment of the Needs

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