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Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Course: System of systems (SoS) is a term often used to describe a set of related net-centric, software-intensive systems that are used to provide capabilities that cannot be accomplished by any single system in the set.

Each system that is part of an SoS is often referred to as a constituent system. With advances in technology, system of systems have become more complex and difficult to manage. To better guide SoS evolution and performance enhancement, many organizations have established a system of systems engineering (SoSE) team.

Consequently, the Department of Defense (DoD) and others have turned to systems modeling language (SysML) tools to characterize SoS architectures and capabilities.

The SysML models can capture information distilled from a multitude of constituent system documents and engineering experts and then integrated to better support SoSE.

The models can also be used for capturing information to more easily analyze end-to-end performance of SoS mission scenarios, evaluate new capability alternatives or proposed architecture changes.

Additionally, these models can highlight the impacts of proposed changes: which constituent systems will be affected by a set of changes as well as how much the constituent systems will be affected.

The usefulness of SysML in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is that when done properly it reduces ambiguity, requires shorter development cycles, reduces costs and leads to better, higher quality overall results.

Besides defense, many companies, particularly those in aerospace, telecommunications and automotive, have switched over to SysML from its predecessor UML (Unified Modeling Language).

Because of this trend, SysML has become the de facto standard architecture modeling language for Model-Based Systems Engineering applications. It is a popular choice as a lingua franca (common language) for Model-Based Systems Engineering  teams that include both systems and software engineers.

Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Course

Tonex offers Hands-On MBSE Training / Creating SysML Models Workshop, a 3-day combo course covering modeling of complex systems, System of Systems (SoS), aerospace, military and advanced deep space applications.

Who Should Attend

Managers whoare responsible for the delivery of software intensive systems, system analysts and architects, systems engineers, professionals moving into system-level engineering.

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