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Tactical Data Link Crash Course, Special TDL Training Delivered for Groups

Tactical Data Link Crash Course is a 4-day intensive program, Bootcamp Style Training covering Real-Time Situational Awareness and Communications with modern Tactical Data Links.

Learn how to exchange real-time situational awareness information, intelligence and voice communications across the battlespace using TDL terminals in aircraft, ships, and ground platforms with secure, jam-resistant communication and tactical data links. Using Tactical Terminal using Link 16 and secure UHF line-of-sight (LOS) to dismounted warfighters, ground vehicles, landing craft, UAVs, helicopters, and other disadvantaged platforms.

Learn how turnkey Tactical Data Links systems support command and control, surveillance, intelligence, weapon status, and situational awareness communications.

Tactical Data Link Training, TADIL by TONEX covers:

Tactical Data Link (TADIL) Overview

  • Introduction to Tactical Data Links
  • Tactical Data Link Program and Project Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Tactical Data Link Documentation and Standards
  • Introduction to Network Centric Warfare (NCW)
  • Tactical Data Link (TADIL) applications and messages
  • Global Information Grid (GIG)
  • Network-centric warfare (NCW)
  • Overview of RF principles and radio channels applied to TADIL
  • TADIL Wavforms
  • Radiation Restrictions and Frequency Management

TADIL Technical Characteristics

  • TADIL platforms covering Aircrafts, Ships,Ground vehicles, Missile defense systems. Networked Weapons and Command and Control
  • Link 11
  • TADIL J, JTIDS/MIDS, and Link 16, MIL-STD-6016
  • Link 22
  • Joint Range Extension (JRE)
  • Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (JREAP), MIL-STD 3011
  • STANAG 5602: The Standard Interface for Military Platform Link Evaluation (SIMPLE)
  • Variable Message Format (VMF)
  • Message ANalysis and Data Reduction for the Integration of Links (MANDRIL)
  • Common Data Link (CDL)
  • Common data link (CDL) Interface Boxes (CIBs)
  • Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL)
  • Fifth Generation Aircraft Systems
  • Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN)
  • Inter/Intra Flight Data Link (IFDL)
  • Interim JTIDS/MIDS Message Specification (IJMS)
  • Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL)
  • Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL)
  • NATO STANAG standards and others
  • TADIL network planning
  • TADIL network management
  • Network simulator for simulation of military radios and tactical data links
  • Decoding and analyse recordings of data link traffic
  • Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)
  • Multifunction Advanced Data Link
  • Multi-TDL Network (MTN)

Tactical Data Link (TADIL) Network Planning and Management

  • Tactical Data Link Network Planning and Design
  • Tactical Data Link Network Management
  • Tactical Data Link System Integration
  • Tactical Data Link Operations
  • Tactical Data Link Terminals
  • Multi-TDL Network Planning
  • OPTASK Link
  • Link 16 Network Planning
  • Multi-Link Network Planning
  • OPTASK Link
  • Simulation Enhanced Network Planning
  • Operational Network Management
  • Frequency Clearance Management  Process
  • Joint Range Extension Gateway 5.0 Operations

Link 16 J-Series Messages

  • J-Series Messages
  • 1- Initial Entry
  • 2/3- RTT-A/RTT-B
  • 4 -Network Management
  • 5/6- PPLI and Status
  • 7- Surveillance
  • 8- Mission Management/Weapons Coordination
  • 9- Control
  • 11- Image Transfer
  • 12/13- Voice A/B
  • 18- Network Enabled Weapons
  • 19/20- Fighter-to-Fighter A&B
  • 21- Engagement Coordination
  • 27- Joint Net PPLI
  • 28-Distributed Network  Management

Overview of Network Management Messages

  • J0.0 Initial Entry
  • J0.1 Test
  • J0.2 Network Time Update
  • J0.3 Time Slot Assignment
  • J0.4 Radio Relay Control
  • J0.5 Repromulgation Relay
  • J0.6 Communication Control
  • J0.7 Time Slot Reallocation
  • J1.0 Connectivity Interrogation
  • J1.1 Connectivity Status
  • J1.2 Route Establishment
  • J1.3 Acknowledgment
  • J1.4 Communication Status
  • J1.5 Net Control Initialization
  • J1.6 Needline Participation Group Assignment

Overview of Precise Participant Location and Identification Messages

  • J2.0 Indirect Interface Unit PPLI
  • J2.2 Air PPLI
  • J2.3 Surface PPLI
  • J2.4 Subsurface PPLI
  • J2.5 Land Point PPLI
  • J2.6 Land Track PPLI

Overview of Surveillance Messages

  • J3.0 Reference Point
  • J3.1 Emergency Point
  • J3.2 Air Track
  • J3.3 Surface Track
  • J3.4 Subsurface Track
  • J3.5 Land Point or Track
  • J3.6 Space Track
  • J3.7 Electronic Warfare Product Information

Overview of Anti-submarine Warfare Messages
J5.4 Acoustic Bearing and Range

Overview of Intelligence Messages

  • J6.0 Amplification Message Information Management
  • J7.0 Track Management
  • J7.1 Data Update Request
  • J7.2 Correlation
  • J7.3 Pointer
  • J7.4 Track Identifier
  • J7.5 IFF/SIF Management

Overview of Information Management Messages

  • J7.0 Track Management
  • J7.1 Data Update Request
  • J7.2 Correlation
  • J7.3 Pointer
  • J7.4 Track Identifier
  • J7.5 IFF/SIF Management
  • J7.6 Filter Management
  • J7.7 Association
  • J8.0 Unit Designator
  • J8.1 Mission Correlator Change
  • J9.0 Command

Overview of Weapons Coordination and Management Messages

  • J10.2 Engagement Status
  • J10.3 Hand Over
  • J10.5 Controlling Unit Report
  • J10.6 Pairing
  • J11.0 From the Weapon
  • J11.1 To the Weapon
  • J11.2 Weapon Coordination Control
  • J12.0 Mission Assignment
  • J12.1 Vector
  • J12.2 Precision Aircraft Direction
  • J12.3 Flight Path
  • J12.4 Controlling Unit Change
  • J12.5 Target/Track Correlation
  • J12.6 Target Sorting
  • J12.7 Target Bearing

Overview of Platform and System Status Messages

  • J13.0 Airfield Status Message
  • J13.2 Air Platform and System Status
  • J13.3 Surface Platform and System Status
  • J13.4 Subsurface Platform and System Status
  • J13.5 Land Platform and System Status

Overview of Electronic Warfare Messages

  • J14.0 Parametric Information
  • J14.2 Electronic Warfare Control/Coordination Threat Warning

Overview of National Use Messages

  • J28.0 U.S. National 1 (Army)
  • J28.1 U.S. National 2 (Navy)
  • J28.2 U.S. National 3 (Air Force)
  • J28.2 (0) Text Message
  • J28.3 U.S. National 4 (Marine Corps)
  • J28.4 French National 1
  • J28.5 French National 2
  • J28.6 U.S. National 5 (NSA)
  • J28.7 UK National
  • J29 National Use (reserved)
  • J30 National Use (reserved)

Miscellaneous Messages

  • J31.0 Over-the-Air Rekeying Management
  • J31.1 Over-the-Air Rekeying
  • J31.7 No Statement

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