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Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Course

Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Course

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Learn about comprehensive view of tactical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance capabilities and operations as an integral part of mission success. Complex tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations and systems are needed to accomplish the mission success goals.

Learn about important breakthroughs in tactical military communications, command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications. Understand tactical ISR system design and engineering, development, prototyping, and deployment of advanced tactical ISR  technologies and systems including:

  • Tactical ISR sensors, technologies and secure communications systems
  • Satellite-on-the-move communications
  • Mobile ad hoc wireless networking and sensors
  • Aerial imaging and video exploitation
  • Large-scale ISR processing and exploitation
  • Activity Based Intelligence
  • Remote sensing
  • Signals intelligence
  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Intelligence derived from photographs and other imagery (Imagery Intelligence-IMINT)
  • Intelligence obtained from electronic signals such as communications (Signals Intelligence –SIGINT)
  • Measurement and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT)
  • Collaborative intelligence analysis
  • Cybersecurity and  defense technologies
  • Data analytic, extraction and fusion
  • Electronic warfare and counter-countermeasures
  • Intelligent software agents
  • Knowledge management tools

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