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Teambuilding Training Course

Teambuilding training course provides you with the rules, techniques, and competencies necessary to build a high-performance team. Indeed, building an efficient team is one of the significant skills of a leader, as outstanding leaders cannot accomplish the desired results without a having an effective team on their sides. Hence, it is significant for a leader the way they build their team, the people they put in their team, and how they lead their team. In this hands-on training, we will help you develop all of these elements to build an high-performance team.

Definition of Teambuilding

Teambuilding refers to different forms of actions applied to improve social affiliations and responsibilities inside teams, often engaging cooperative assignments. It is different from team training, which is planned to enhance the effectiveness, instead of personal affiliations.

Several teambuilding practices are designed to demonstrate personal issues throughput the group.

Such actions are designed to enhance task execution in a team-oriented environment. Teambuilding is also one of the bases of organizational development that can be used in the teams including sports teams, school classes, military units or flight crews. The official definition of teambuilding contains:

  • Putting the goals in line
  • Constructing efficient working correspondences
  • Decreasing the vagueness of the team members’ role
  • Exploring solutions to the issues of the team

Teambuilding Approaches

  • Setting goals
  • Clarifying all the roles
  • Solving team problem
  • Interpersonal-relations

Teambuilding Challenges

  • Lack of the required skills for team-working
  • Virtual work environments and throughout organizational borders
  • Globalization and virtualization

Where Can You Use Teambuilding?

  • Schools
  • Organizations and corporations
  • Sports
  • Political campaigns


Teambuilding training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Team leaders
  • Senior, mid-level, junior managers
  • Executives
  • Supervisors
  • All professionals keen in enhancing their skills to lead teams in the ways that improve the project success and organizational efficiencies

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Teambuilding
  • Team Development Stages
  • Development and Leadership
  • Becoming An Inspired Leader
  • Team Players
  • Teamwork Solving Problems
  • Leading A Team to Brilliance
  • Inspiring Teamwork
  • Principals of Teambuilding
  • A Team Approach to Handle Unacceptable Incidents
  • What Do Your Team Members Expect You to Do as A Leader?
  • Case Studies: Various Team Examples
  • Group Activity Sample: Effective Team Communication

Teambuilding Training Course

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