Length: 2 Days
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5G For Federal Government | 5G Training for Federal Agencies

Much of 5G’s benefits have been marketed to the general public, but in truth, federal government agencies may be the biggest winners of this advanced architecture.

The Department of Defense (DoD) is especially poised to better accomplish its missions via 5G’s increased speeds and near zero latency.

From a military perspective, 5G’s high throughput, low latency and high reliability present many mission-capable applications such as air bases, which use many different data and radio networks managing and controlling many different functions like flight line communications and security system monitoring.

5G has the potential to change how government works.

That’s why it’s critical for federal government agencies to  make policy and infrastructure decisions that drive useful innovations in this, the digital age.

5G, of course, can make it all happen. And within the next several months major carriers are making a giant leap from a hybrid 5G/4G to standalone (SA) 5G, which will begin to bring the long awaited features such as speed and nearly zero latency that the telecoms have been promising.

Networking professionals believe that when SA 5G infrastructures are in place for federal government agencies, they can expect a real transformation of operations.

This should provide access to unprecedented levels of real-time information from any device, anytime and anywhere, especially for field workers such as first responders, food and agricultural inspectors, law enforcement and military personnel.

But the big question: Are federal government agencies prepared for 5G? A new study shows that less than half of government agencies believe their current infrastructure can support 5G.

Along with 5G training (such as courses provided by Tonex), federal government agencies should consider private networks as they finalize their strategy for connectivity. Private networks could be private LTE networks, private 5G networks or a migration from one to the other to ensure flexibility and scalability.

5G For Federal Government Agencies Course by Tonex

5G For Federal Government, 5G Training for Federal Agencies is a 2-day technology training, Fifth generation wireless technology. Participants will learn about 5G, a primary driver of our prosperity and security in the 21st century. 5G as a new technology will provide consumers, businesses, and governments with remarkably fast network connections that will enable tens of billions of new devices to harness the power of the Internet, massive broadband, industrial control, robotics, and IoT to transform the way we live, work, learn, and communicate.

Government agencies will learn about 5G deployment, management, cybersecurity and tools to create secure and reliable 5G communications infrastructure.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of 5G Technology
  • 5G Frequency Bands
  • Domestic 5G Rollout
  • Development and Deployment of 5G Infrastructure
  • Market Competitiveness and Diversity of Secure 5G Infrastructure Options
  • Management of 5G Infrastructure
  • Assess Risks to & Identify Core Security Principles of 5G Infrastructure
  • Assess the Risks Posed by Cyber Threats to and Vulnerabilities in 5G Infrastructure
  • Develop Security Principles for 5G Infrastructure
  • Manage the Supply Chain Risks in Government Infrastructure
  • Address the Risk of ‘High-Risk’ Vendors in 5G Infrastructure
  • Implementation of International 5G Security Principles

5G For Federal Government | 5G Training for Federal Agencies

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