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While 5G is associated with digitalization, 6G is the conduit for the metaverse era, where individuals will likely feel immersed in a virtual, immersive and three dimensional world.

This transition to use cases in a metaverse ecosystems is only possible through 6G technology which will have significantly higher bandwidths and super-fast data speeds, as well as permitting extremely low latencies.

6G platforms are expected to bring a convergence point for fusing our digital and physical lives together, unlocking the full power of the metaverse. It will be a fundamental change in how we experience reality and how we do business – essentially, how we live, work and play.

The metaverse is generally described as a collaboration, or merger, between the physical and digital worlds through the application of different technologies and programs.

This definition emphasizes that the metaverse is a living universe that exists parallel to and concurrently with the physical one. The metaverse is never turned off since it’s a persistent system. It’s a collection of virtual worlds with their unique properties, ecosystems, and social environments.

The metaverse can be a universe you step into with virtual reality. Or it can be a mixed reality where digital entities appear in the physical world through augmented reality.

VR headsets, HoloLens, game consoles, and even apps can open up the metaverse. And this space will likely continue to grow thanks to its inherently boundless nature

The promise of 6G/metaverse technology is impressive.

Metaverse has tremendous potential to further expand screen time and significantly drive more bandwidth consumption. Overall, the future of metaverse holds immense potential to revolutionize a wide range of sectors, and 6G can definitely enable us to realize the metaverse vision.

For example, analysts believe the metaverse can help significantly improve the manufacturing process, particularly in the areas of product design and development, by facilitating an improved relationship and interaction between the key stakeholders—business owners, suppliers, and the end customers.

Additionally, customers in the metaverse could have much better and improved visibility into the supply chain process with 3D representations for how products are designed, built, distributed, and sold.

From a consumer standpoint, the specific areas where metaverse will power new use cases are gaming and entertainment. The gaming segment is where early use cases of metaverse are expected to see a significant fillip since people can engage in ways they never have been before.  In the entertainment industry, 3D virtual options open up for film, television, and music content.

Metaverse is driving new avenues for entertainment. The technology has advanced to a stage where a user can be viewed as a hologram in another place, or be teleported to any remote location, such as in a musical concert or to any social gathering.

6G and the Metaverse Course by Tonex

6G and the Metaverse course provides information and insights on what to expect in the metaverse ecosystem, as well as the technology involved in association with 6G.

Participants will also learn how the transition from 5G’s digital era to 6G’s metaverse will likely come about.

Additionally, attendees will learn about the importance of metaverse modalities in fulfilling the promise of 6G technology. Emphasis will be on use cases and how 6G and the metaverse will likely benefit both consumers and organizations.

Who Should Attend

6G and the Metaverse course is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Anyone involved in 6G product development
  • Anyone involved in 6G network analysis or planning
  • Anyone involved in 6G design or engineering
  • Professionals who want to upgrade their skills to 6G
  • Anyone else who wants to learn latest telecom technologies and wants to work for telecom mobile operator and vendor companies
  • Cybersecurity analysts and professionals working in both red and blue teams

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