Length: 2 Days
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6G Awareness Training

6G awareness is important for organizations because it’s never too early to prepare for an evolutionary technology that has the potential to overhaul business models.

6G Awareness Training

Yes, 6G will not likely be available until 2028. But putting a plan together now on how your organization can possibly benefit from this radical technology may propel you past your competitors in the future.

The truth is, the 6G train is starting to move and is expected to spark innovative and exciting use cases as well as significant social shifts.

6G researchers are predicting that 6G will be 100 times faster than 5G. But this next-gen tech will offer benefits that go way beyond speed.

6G is being designed as a fully integrated system that allows for instantaneous communications among Earth’s vast elements such as consumers, devices and the environment. Consequently, organizations need to be thinking how 6G-enabled enterprise technologies can transform the way companies make decisions, train employees, communicate – and especially how organizations process information.

In other words, 6G is the conduit that will likely ignite the metaverse, a vision of what many in the computer industry believe is the next iteration of the internet: a single, shared, immersive, persistent, 3D virtual space where humans experience life in ways they could not in the physical world. For example, the trend toward remote work may become even more fluid with holographic meetings provided by 6G technology.

Taking it a step further, as a company owner you will have the potential to totally run your company online. With the metaverse, you will be able to create a virtual office or a workspace for your employees and they can join in the metaverse and start working remotely very easily. Service-based companies are especially suited to go all online mode and operate through metaverse working spaces.

Global events can also play a big part in the near future where different brands can sponsor a live online event on the metaverse and expand their business by hosting the event on a larger scale online. This allows brands to get worldwide exposure and also to interact with their customers in real time.

Analysts believe keeping an eye on 6G developments is a good idea even after catching up to current 6G timelines, because as 6G technology unfolds, new use cases are certain to surface – uses that forward thinking organizations can bank on for future success.

6G Awareness Training Course by Tonex

6G Awareness Training provides information and insights on 6G developments that can help organizations better plan on how to benefit from this evolutionary technology.

Participants will learn about the likely characteristics of 6G technology and possible scenarios on how these elements can best be utilized by CEOs and team leaders when 6G becomes operable.

Additionally, attendees will examine the inevitable challenges of establishing 6G infrastructures/applications and possible associated costs.

Who Should Attend

6G Awareness Training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Anyone involved in 6G product development
  • Anyone involved in 6G network analysis or planning
  • Anyone involved in 6G design or engineering
  • Professionals who want to upgrade their skills to 6G
  • Anyone else who want to learn latest telecom technologies and want to work for telecom mobile operator and vendor companies
  • Cybersecurity analysts and professionals working in both red and blue teams

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of 6G Technology Training, participants can:

  • Describe 6G vision and business cases.
  • Use 6G information to better prepare business plans for the extended future
  • Illustrate the key technologies and building blocks of 6G networks
  • Step through the evolution of 5G to 6G
  • Learn about integration of 6G with THz and VLC, Tera Hertz and Visible Light Communications), AI, Digital Twins, Cloud & Edge Computing, Drones, HAPS, HIBS,
  • LEO and GEO Satellites, cybersecurity, and quantum physics.

Course Topics

  • 6G Essentials
  • Key 6G Ingredients
  • New Features in 6G
  • Digitalization
  • 6G Network Architecture
  • Joint communication and sensing
  • Softwarization
  • Virtualization
  • Disaggregation and Aggregation
  • Management
  • 6G Open RAN
  • Spectrum Allocation
  • Sub THz andVLC (Visible Light Communications)
  • Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) in 6G
  • Universal access through NTN
  • Role of AI and ML
  • 6G Cybersecurity

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