Length: 2 Days
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Federal and Defense 6G Applications Training

Federal and Defense 6G Applications Training is a 2-day course that takes an insightful look at how 6G technology will likely benefit federal agencies as well as the Department of Defense (DoD).

Participants will also learn the basics of 6G technology to better understand how 6G applications are expected to act as conduits for federal and military use cases.

6G Training | Federal and Defense 6G Applications Training

The expected benefits of 6G technology will likely have a major impact on individuals and organizations as well as federal agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD).

For example, 6G’s wider bandwidth could enable a complex sensing network to support the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) diverse missions at the border, at ports of entry, and in hazard detection, disaster alerts and responses, and many other use-cases.

Federal 6G applications will also likely impact government approaches to public safety and critical asset protection, such as threat detection, health monitoring, and air quality measurements.

Additionally, with the assistance of 6G’s advanced AI applications, federal departmental leaders can anticipate greater decision-making capabilities using real-time information, improving the responsiveness of law enforcement officials and first responders.

One of 6G’s expected military uses is rapid, reliable and secure transmission of much higher volumes of data between fast-moving military platforms, including in outer space for ballistic-missile early warning.

The Pentagon has also been publicly expressing the need to learn more about what 6G can do in the future. The DoD is excited about 6G for many of the same reasons that other industries are – it promises to unlock radical technologies that completely change the way the world operates.

6G for DoD has expected uses, but three most often mentioned are:

Battlefield Communication — With 6G, the DoD hopes to be able to report the location of an enemy unit before it has a chance to strike or delivering critical information about a target’s movement in real time. The amazing data speeds plus extreme coverage make 6G a useful tool for communication in high stakes environments. More rapid communication means more effective operations, leading to shorter conflicts and fewer lives lost.

Improved Location Services — One of 6G’s expected abilities is to improve location detection to be accurate within centimeters, making technology such as autonomous vehicles practical. However, it has other applications as well, including for drones or other unmanned vehicles that may one day be sent into dangerous environments.

Additionally, some research notes that high-accuracy localization will also improve radar technology, particularly as it relates to mobile devices. Imagine sending a reconnaissance drone to a location with a text message.

Equipment Development — Just like 6G will bring a more sophisticated Internet of Things to the world, it will also do the same for the military by allowing the development of ever more intelligent, autonomous devices.

6G technology might also very well lead to minimal loss of life in future wars. There has been considerable speculation that it will eventually be possible to have a battlefield populated by things rather than humans.

Federal and Defense 6G Applications Training Course by Tonex

Federal and Defense 6G Applications Training provides insights into the likely ramifications of 6G applications for the DoD and federal agencies.

Participants will learn about the known elements of 6G research, specific technologies involved  and expected challenges of putting a 6G wireless network together.

Federal and Defense 6G Applications Training can be especially beneficial for military personnel as well as government leaders as to the kinds of applications 6G technology will bring and how these applications can be directed to specific use cases.

Who Should Attend

Federal and Defense 6G Applications training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Anyone involved in 6G product development, especially in government circles
  • Anyone involved in 6G network analysis or planning
  • Defense contractors involved in 6G design or engineering
  • Professionals and government/military personnel who want to upgrade their skills to 6G
  • Anyone else who wants to learn the likely impact of 6G applications on federal agencies and U.S. defense

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