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802.11ad Training

8802.11ad training course covers “Very High Throughput” (VHT) proposed 802.11ad, providing up to 7 Gbps throughput using approximately 2 GHz of spectrum at 60 GHz over a short range.

In the range around 60 GHz, an unlicensed frequency band is available globally and it permits higher channel bandwidths for greater throughput. Another advantage is the small wavelengths (approx. 5 mm) to make possible using compact and competitive antennas or antenna arrays (e.g. for beamforming).

Course Topics

Introduction to 802.11ad (11ad)

  • Typical applications for 11ad
  • Key Features
  • The 11ad Physical Layer (PHY)
  • Why the 60 GHz band?
  • The 11ad MAC Layer (MAC)
  • Key Features
  • Data rates
  • 60 GHz unlicensed band
  • PHY and MAC Features
  • Beamforming

IEEE 802.11 Architecture

  • The personal BSS (PBSS) as an ad hoc network
  • Distribution system (DS) concepts
  • QoS BSS: The QoS network
  • Directional multi-gigabit (DMG)
  • DMG relay
  • Logical service interfaces
  • PBSS control point service (PCPS)
  • Overview of the services
  • Differences between among ESS, PBSS, and IBSS LANs

PHY Service Specification           

  • Detailed PHY service specifications
  • Basic service and options
  • PHY-SAP detailed service specification
  • Control PHY
  • Single carrier PHY (SC PHY)
  • Directional multi-gigabit (DMG) PHY specification
  • General structure of a PHY packet in 11ad
  • DMG low-power SC PHY

MAC Service Specification

  • Overview of MAC services
  • MAC data service architecture
  • MAC data service specification
  • MAC architecture
  • MAC frame formats
  • MAC sublayer functional description
  • Multirate support for DMG STAs
  • Modulation classes
  • A-MSDU operation
  • A-MPDU operation
  • Block Acknowledgment (Block Ack)
  • MAC frame processing
  • DMG beamforming
  • DMG link adaptation

802.11ad Operational Scenarios

  • Synchronization
  • Power management
  • STA authentication and association
  • TS operation
  • Block Ack operation
  • TPC procedures
  • DFS procedures
  • Radio measurement procedures
  • Wireless network management procedures
  • 11ad optimization and management

802.11d Security             

  • Security framework and methods
  • RSNA confidentiality and integrity protocols
  • CTR with CBC-MAC Protocol (CCMP)
  • Security associations
  • Keys and key distribution


802.11ad Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma    

  • PICS proforma
  • MAC protocol
  • QoS base functionality
  • Radio management extensions
  • DMG features
  • 1 encoding of the MAC and PHY MIB
  • MIB Detail
  • Country elements and operating classes

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