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Length: 2 Days
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Having completed this course the participant will be able to understand how security is implemented, deployed and managed in IS-95 and CDMA2000 (1x-EV-DO and 1xEV-DV) networks, understand security concepts, understand the benefits of new security techniques applied and how they are implemented.

Who Should Attend

Anyone needing in-depth knowledge of the security in the CDMA family of wireless networks. The course is essential for network security & wireless specialists, operators and manufacturers, wireless network researcher, academics, security engineers, researchers and consultants


The goal of this course is to give the participant a strong and intuitive understanding of what security in the wireless systems is and how the security functions are implemented in the CDMA radio and core network. The course focuses both on the air interface and the core network.

  • The detailed descriptions of the security in the context of IS-95 and CDMA2000 (1x-EV-DO and 1xEV-DV) platforms
  • A detailed description of security architecture
  • Principles behind security
  • Detailed descriptions and comparison of the cryptographic solutions in GSM/GPRS/UMTS and CDMA family
  • Weaknesses in IS-95, 1x-EV-DO and 1xEV-DV security mechanisms
  • New security features


Security Overview

  • Basic security concepts
  • Authentication
  • Privacy
  • Integrity
  • Authorization
  • Non-repudiation


  • Encryption Technologies
  • Cryptography Keys
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric
  • Ciphers
  • Cipher Suites
  • Certificates

Overview of Wireless Security Requirements

  • Wireless security needs
  • Basic CDMA security functions

IS-95 Security Review

  • IS-95 security algorithms
  • IS-95 authentication and authorization procedures
  • IS-95 ciphering procedures
  • Security threats to IS-95

1xEV-DO Security Review

  • 1x-EV-DO security algorithms
  • 1x-EV-DO authentication and authorization procedures
  • 1x-EV-DO ciphering procedures
  • Security threats to 1x-EV-DO

Advanced Topics

  • AKA Algorithms
  • Subscription data Authorization
  • Security parameters
  • Role of AAA
  • Policy-based authorization
  • Mobile IP specific requirements
  • HA-FA authentication
  • Key management
  • IKE and AAA

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