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Course Number: 579
Length: 2 Days
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LTE QoS Training, HSPA+ QoS

LTE QoS Training Course examines how the HSPA/HSPA+ network supports end-to-end Quality of Service. The different functions and protocols supporting end-to-end QoS are described, with focus on the HSPA/HSPA+ and LTE Bearer Service and the solutions in the PS, EPC and IMS domains.

Upon completion of this training, the participants will be able to successfully describe the HSPA+/LTE QoS elements and having used them, know what to expect when the QoS features are employed in UMTS networks.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will:

  • Understand what Quality of Service to expect from the UMTS network and what requirements this put on the different nodes in the HSPA+/LTE architecture.
  • Understand what different solutions that can be used to enable QoS in a packet switched network, and the benefits and limitations of each solution.
  • Understand how end-to-end Quality of Service could be implemented using IP and IMS mechanisms.
  • The implementation of QoS on each interface in the HSPA/HSPA+/LTE architecture is discussed, from the radio interface and ATM network to the IP solutions in the backbone and the External Bearer Service.
  • The QoS solution of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is described

Who Should Attend

This course is beneficial for Telecom professionals who require an understanding of the QoS mechanisms in the UMTS system.

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