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Mobile Cloud Training

Mobile Cloud training course covers all aspects of combination of cloud computing and mobile applications and services.

Mobile Cloud is a dynamic technology that is evolving bringing cloud computing to the mobile domain. Many future mobile application development projects will leverage cloud mobile back-end Services as an optimal approach for Rapid deployment and fast scaling and Multiple-location organizations.

Learn how to create, architect, design, provision, protect, and manage mobile cloud with the emergence of advanced mobile networks (such as LTE-advanced) and highly-featured smartphones, tablets, and other innovative wearable computing devices.

With the cloud based services, standards and integrated mobile platforms users will be able to access application and services with their laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other mobile devices.

Mobile Cloud Training will provide a great platform to allow cloud computing and mobile professionals to learn about latest mobile cloud computing and services.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Build and deploy mobile cloud applications and develop an effective implementation strategy for your mobile cloud
  • Exploit mobile cloud architecture to optimize cost and resources
  • Plan, design, create, deploy and secure applications and services with Mobile Software-as-a-Service (MSaaS), Mobile Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS), Mobile Platform-as-a-Service (MPaaS), Mobile Infrastructure-as-a-Service (MIaaS), Mobile Network-as-a-Service (MNaaS) and Mobile-based Testing-as-a-Service (MTaaS)
  • Provision public and private mobile cloud
  • Exploit mobile cloud security

Who Should Attend

Anyone seeking to exploit the benefits of mobile cloud computing technologies, including assessing the mobile cloud, architectures, components, operation, security, performance and tools of mobile cloud computing.

Course Agenda

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Components of a computing cloud
  • Delivering services from the cloud
  • Deploying Cloud
  • Web services in the cloud
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Mobile integration

Introduction to Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Mobile Computing and Clouds
  • Characterizing Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Adopting the Mobile Cloud
  • Key drivers of Mobile cloud computing solutions
  • Technical foundation for Mobile cloud
  • Barriers to Mobile cloud computing
  • Building a Mobile Cloud Business Case
  • Cloud Apps in Your Mobile
  • Google’s Gmail and Google Voice for iPhone
  • HTML5 and Mobile Computing
  • Cloud-enabled Enterprise Mobility
  • Green computing in networking
  • User-oriented mobile clouds (mobile community/private/public/ad-hoc clouds)
  • Mobile big data computing models
  • Mobile crowd collaborating models and associated platforms

Principles of Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Mobile Cloud Computing Models
  • Mobile Cloud Architectures, Components and Platforms
  • Mobile cloud computing models
  • Mobile Cloud infrastructures, and approaches
  • Resource management, provisioning, and migration
  • Mobility modeling
  • Management and measurement techniques
  • Mobility-aware cloud data/streams
  • Associated retrieval/processing techniques
  • Mobile cloud security
  • Security architectures
  • security policy enforcement
  • Service models (e.g., BYOD, secure offloading, access control
  • Mobile Cloud rust platform
  • e-commerce models for Mobile Cloud

Mobile Cloud Security Framework

  • Secrecy
  • Encryption and privacy
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Integrity issues in mobile clouds
  • Non-Repudiation
  • Mobile multimedia content delivery security
  • Digital Right Management (DRM) in Mobile Cloud
  • transferring, and migration

Mobile Cloud Infrastructure and Service Models

  • Mobile Software-as-a-Service (MSaaS)
  • Mobile Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS)
  • Mobile Platform-as-a-Service (MPaaS)
  • Mobile Infrastructure-as-a-Service (MIaaS)
  • Mobile Network-as-a-Service (MNaaS)
  • Mobile-based Testing-as-a-Service (MTaaS)
  • Mobile multimedia and mobile social community services

Technology Foundation for Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Building services with Mobile Cloud solution stacks
  • Managing Mobile cloud storage
  • Enabling technologies
  • Accessing Mobile Cloud
  • Deploying a Private Cloud
  • Preserving business continuity
  • Migrating to the cloud
  • Mobile Cloud Security
  • Exploiting Mobile Cloud

Mobile Cloud-based Systems Engineering

  • System Engineering Process for Mobile Clouds
  • Modeling, analysis, design methods, and tools
  • Testing, Integration, V&V, Operation and Maintenance
  • Edge gateway-based architectures
  • Integrating cloud and mobile localities
  • Resource collaboration and management for mobile clouds
  • Monitoring solutions and evaluation techniques
  • Mobile testing tools and techniques
  • Resource-effective quality of service on mobile clouds and applications
  • Mobile-to-cloud protocol optimizations and mobile cloud-specific resource scheduling
  • Knowledge engineering and data mining techniques
  • Virtualization of mobile device resources, e.g., storage and wireless networking

Enabling Mobile Cloud Technologies

  • Embedded mobile platforms and technologies for mobile clouds
  • Energy-saving wireless communication technologies
  • Innovative mobile platforms and client technologies
  • Urban (crowd) sensing
  • Smart sensor platforms
  • Emergent barcode/RFID/Bluetooth-LE/NFC-based mobile technologies
  • Mobile cloud data centers
  • Storage/persistency technologies
  • Mobile cloud Networking
  • Mobile cloud communication, and tunneling technologies

Disruptively Innovative Mobile Cloud Applications

  • Next generation mobile applications
  • Cloud-based mobile media systems and social networks
  • Smart mobile SaaS on clouds
  • Mobile virtual and physical interactions
  • Mobile context-aware services
  • Cloud-based mobile commerce applications
  • Location-aware mobile applications


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