Length: 3 Days
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Private LTE Training Bootcamp – Private Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training Bootcamp

Private LTE Training Bootcamp – Private Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Training Bootcamp is a 3-day training course that covers the key concepts and theory of LTE private network planning, design, implementation, testing, operations and management.

Introduction to LTE (Long Term Evolution)

  • Long Term Evolution (LTE) as a new radio platform technology
  • Support to achieve higher peak throughputs than HSPA+ in higher spectrum bandwidth
  • LTE for mobile, fixed, and private networks
  • Key features and services
  • LTE Network Architecture
  • LTE Interfaces and protocols
  • LTE Air Interface
  • Introduction to E-UTRAN
  • Architecture and node functions
  • The LTE Evolved Packet System (EPS)
  • LTE SAE Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • Network nodes and roles of HSS, MME, S-GW, P-GW, and PCRF
  • Key interfaces: S1, S5, S6, S10 and S11

Overview of LTE Air Interface

  • LTE Air Interface
  • Basics of OFDM and OFDMA
  • LTE Antenna Considerations
  • Principles of MIMO
  • Radio Resource Management requirements
  • The eNB host functions
  • Radio Resource Management
  • Radio Bearer Control
  • Radio Admission Control
  • Connection Mobility Control
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation (scheduling)

LTE Operations and Procedures

  • System acquisition
  • Idle mode operations
  • Synchronization
  • Cell search and random access
  • RRC connection establishment
  • Traffic operations in DL & UL
  • Bearer setup and handover
  • Power control
  • LTE/SAE signaling
  • EPC (MME) registration
  • Security procedures
  • QoS and QoE in LTE
  • Ethernet backhaul for LTE
  • Wireless Networks Backhaul Overview
  • GigE and Metro Ethernet
  • LTE Backhaul Capacity Planning

LTE and EPC Security

  • LTE security architecture
  • LTE security procedures
  • Security in E-UTRAN
  • Security in EPC/EPS
  • Authentication and Key Management (AKA)
  • AKA Algorithms

LTE RF Planning and Design

  • Overview of LTE Radio Network Design and Engineering
  • Link Budget for LTE
  • LTE Capacity Planning
  • LTE Design and Site Selection
  • LTE Configuration Parameters
  • LTE Operational Parameters
  • KPIs in LTE Radio Network

LTE Backhaul Requirements

  • LTE Services
  • LTE User Download Speeds
  • Estimated Net LTE User Data Peak Rates
  • LTE Cell Site Backhaul Requirements
  • Topologies for LTE Backhaul
  • Hub and Spoke
  • Tree/Tiered Networks
  • Mesh And Ring Networks
  • Ring Network Topology
  • LTE Capacity Planning Models
  • Statistical Traffic Distribution
  • Traffic Dimensioning
  • Traffic Asymmetry

LTE Planning and Optimization

  • Traffic and QoS considerations
  • Security considerations
  • Capacity planning considerations
  • Planning tools
  • Antenna selections
  • Site location and integration
  • Overview of optimization KPIs

Fundamentals of LTE Private Wireless Network

  • Private Wireless
  • What is Private LTE?
  • What does Private LTE offer?
  • Implement private wireless
  • Enable Industry 4.0
  • Use cases for industry
  • The basic requirements for a private wireless network
  • A radio network (RAN)
  • A core network
  • A backhaul network
  • Access to licensed, shared or unlicensed radio spectrum.
  • Radio access points provide coverage of your outdoor and indoor spaces
  • The backhaul network
  • Cabled Ethernet, passive optical LAN and/or microwave
  • Mission- and business-critical industrial applications

LTE Private Network Management

  • RF communications infrastructure
  • Radio configuration and provisioning
  • RF planning and optimization
  • Site-wide RF coverage monitoring
  • Device provisioning (subscriber identity module)
  • Edge infrastructure implementation and provisioning

Analysis of Private Wireless Use Cases: Architecture and Network Management (OAM&P)

  • Industrial-grade Private Wireless solutions
  • Private wireless for airports
  • Private wireless for manufacturing
  • Private wireless for mining
  • Private wireless for ports
  • Converged industrial-grade private wireless and IP/MPLS FAN for power utilities
  • Public safety mobile broadband transformation
  • Private wireless for public safety
  • Private wireless for education






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