Length: 3 Days
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RF Engineering Principles Applied to Satellite Communications

RF Engineering Principles Applied to Satellite Communications is a 3-day Radio-frequency (RF) Engineering training program. It covers the basics and advanced RF principles applied to  Satellite Communications.

Boost your professional acumen by developing a systematic approach and learn a more efficient and effective ways for leading and completing RF and space projects.

How You Will Benefit

  • Fine-tune your RF and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) knowledge and gain interdisciplinary skills in RF principles and SATCOM system.
  • Improve your skills in RF engineering and satellite communications, managing SATCOM projects, writing requirements, verify and validate and reducing risk, .
  • Learn about Radio Frequency Spectrum, Interference and Satellites
  • Learn about Increase your productivity and your team’s to gain a competitive edge in the satellite and space industry.
  • Skills to perform sustaining, design, development and planning including layout, analysis, evaluation, prototype build and testing of RF and SATCOM components and systems.
  • Knowledge to perform qualitative and quantitative tests to determine properties, characteristics, and performance of RF components, mechanisms, assemblies and systems.
  • Learn how to select RF components assuring compliance with specifications and product requirements. Record and analyze test data. Verify embedded firmware and higher level software functionality of the product.
  • Apply standard RF mathematical and hands-on techniques, procedures and criteria to SATCOM engineering assignments.
  • Earn a recognized industry credential.
RF ENgineering applied to Satellite Communications

Planet Earth With Satellite (North America – USA ). All the world map textures are originally from NASA.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for engineers, technicians, analysts and project managers.

Course Content and Agenda

Overview of Satellite Systems

  • Introduction to Satellite Communications
  • Orbits and Launching Methods
  • Radio Wave Propagation
  • Satellite Link Budget Calculations
  • Polarization
  • Antennas
  • The Space Segment
  • The Earth Segment
  • Analog and Digital Signals
  • Error Control Coding

The Space Link

  • Interference
  • Satellite Access
  • Complex modulation such as OFDM, mPSK, QAM, etc. {All frequencies bands – L , C, S, Ku, K, Ka)
  • Low profile, beam forming antenna for satellite communications
  • RF signal distribution
  • Satellite transceiver
  • RF principles for frequency range of 10MHz to 100GHz

Satellite RF Link Budget Calculations

  • Types of SATCOM link budgets
  • FWD link: hub to terminal
  • Simple RTN link: terminal to satellite
  • Complex RTN link: terminal to satellite and satellite to hub
  • Link components and their parameters
  • Terminal
  • Antenna scan angle and cosine roll-off
  • Gain, noise temperature, and G/T
  • Terminal Noise Temperature
  • EIRP and EIRP density
  • Transmission medium
  • Free-Space Path Loss (FSPL)
  • Atmospheric loss
  • Rain fade and availability
  • Transponder EIRP
  • Saturation Flux Density (SFD), HPA back-off, and satellite G/T
  • Additional Factors Affecting

Calculating G/T

  • Calculating SNR
  • FWD equation
  • Simple On the return (RTN) link equation
  • Complex RTN equation
  • Converting SNR to spectral efficiency and throughput
  • Spectral efficiency (SE)
  • Throughput (data rate)

Workshop: SATCOM Link budget SNR calculations

  • FWD link
  • Simple RTN link
  • Complex RTN link
  • SN RF Safety calculation
  • RF safety evaluation of new antenna systems
  • Develop and execute test plans and procedures
  • Provide troubleshooting assistance in isolating and correcting unusual system problems

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