Length: 3 Days
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SDR Training with HackRF, Advanced Software Defined Radio Training

Software defined radio (SDR) is a wireless communication device in which the transmitter and receiver modulation/demodulation occurs in software.

What this means is that the functionality is modified or changed by software alone, eliminating the need to make any physical changes to the hardware. Further, it does not require the use of capacitors and resistors, as the software-based filtering algorithms can be utilized to select specific frequencies.

SDR is the application of Digital Signal Processing to radio waveforms. It is similar to the software-based digital audio techniques that became popular a couple of decades ago. Just as a sound card in a computer digitizes audio waveforms, a software radio peripheral digitizes radio waveforms.

In other words, SDR is like a very fast sound card with the speaker and microphone replaced by an antenna.

HackRF is a wide band software defined radio (SDR) half-duplex transceiver capable of receiving and transmitting (although not at the same time) on a frequency range of 1Mhz to 6Ghz with output power of 30 mW to 1 mW depending on the band.

HackRF is designed primarily for use with a USB-attached host computer, but it can also be used for stand-alone applications.

It’s also portable. You don’t have to carry an external power supply with you when taking HackRF on the road because it is powered by USB.  It is small enough to fit easily into a typical laptop bag.

With both military and public applications, the majority of wireless systems in the digital age could easily be transcieved by HackRF One. That’s because this SDR device can interact with a number of technologies including smartphones, GPS, IT infrastructures, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even broadcasting stations.

The overall concept behind HackRF is to bring an open source peripheral that can assist modern day engineers and researchers for improving next generation communication systems.

SDR Training Course by Tonex

SDR Training with HackRF, Advanced Software Defined Radio Training is a 3-day hands-on advanced SDR training course, Software-Defined Radio Development with GNU Radio using HackRF One. The 3-day advanced SDR covers both theory and application of SDR using HackRF One.

Participants will learn about:

  • Software Defined Radio and Digital Signal Processing
  • Theory and practice with hands-on SDR implementations using the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) SDR platforms
  • Necessary SDR  signal processing building blocks, SDR application development using Python and C++ concepts required for GNU Radio development
  • How to apply HackRF and GNU Radio
  • How to use and apply GNU Radio Companion (GRC)
  • Security applications of SDR and  RF Vulnerabilities

Who Should Attend
This advanced SDR course is designed for engineers, scientists, analysts and project managers who are interested in gaining hands-on SDR knowledge using GNU radio and HackRF One.

Course Agenda

  • Principles of Signal processing and applied RF
  • Overview of SDR
  • Overview of GNU Radio
  • Overview of GNU Radio software libraries
  • Overview of GNU Radio Companion (GRC)
  • Overview of Python and C++
  • Overview of Linux
  • Overview of Universal software radio peripherals
  • SDR and GNU Radio modules
  • Systems using HackRF One
  • Assessments of physical RF devices
  • How to Fingerprint on RF spectrum?
  • Hunting signals
  • Hardware Hacking 101
  • Reversing and Instrumentation (embedded RF systems)
  • IoT Hacking with SDR
  • Overview of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Open source SDR LTE software
  • FM Radio
  • Principles of Radar detector
  • Principles of Remote Controlled Cars
  • SDR Offensive Security

Course Hardware and Software

  • Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop, 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor, Windows 10 Home, Intel® HD Graphics 620, 15.6-inch HD Display, 1TB Hard Drive and 8GB Memory
  • HackRF One hardware (part of the class)
  • Hand-held Radar Detector
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IoT board
  • GNU Radio installed software and libraries
  • Installed Pentoo Linux distribution with full support for HackRF and GNU Radio
  • Installed GNU Radio Library and GNU Radio Companion (GRC) tool


  1. SDR with GNU Radio basic lab
  2. SDR Hacking with HackRF lab
  3. NU Radio Companion (GRC) lab
  4. Adversarial attacks and hunt
  5. Fingerprint on RF spectrum lab
  6. Hunting signals lab
  7. IoT Hacking with SDR: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  8. FM Radio lab
  9. Radar detector lab
  10. Remote controlled car lab



SDR Training with HackRF, Advanced Software Defined Radio Training

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