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Length: 2 Days
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Technical Writing Training:  A Comprehensive Hands-On Course

Technical Writing Training, is a practical hands-on course enabling you with the skills to assess the needs of stakeholders, users and other players to create  technical and specifications documents.

High quality technical documents are critical in achieving the right technical performance and value for projects. This long-established technical writing training course has been developed to help those involved in producing technical documents, and technical specifications to create high quality results in an organized and effective way.

We believe that the need for a clear definition of needs and requirements combined with the ability to communicate those requirements effectively users and stakeholders is essential to success of a project.

Technical Writing Training Course by Tonex will improve your understanding and use of written communications. A structured method of preparing technical documents is covered, and a range of practical techniques is presented though hands on workshops, to enable attendees to put the writing principles into practice.


technical writing training

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in writing or contributing to the preparation and management of any technical document or specifications.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the technical writing training, the attendees are able to:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the role and purpose of technical documents or the specifications
  • Present a framework for organizing and producing technical documents and specifications
  • Define the key steps involved in creating effective technical documents
  • Write clear, concise, and effective technical documents, including  specifications, technical manuals, operation manuals, user manuals and technical reports
  • Elicit, write and document requirements and needs
  • Demonstrate methods for assisting in defining requirements
  • Assess your stakeholders and target audience and develop documents to meet their needs
  • Provide tools and techniques for scoping and structuring documents
  • Analyze, validate, prioritize, refine, and decompose needs and requirements
  • Check completeness of the needs
  • Present methods to assist the writing and editing of specifications and requirements
  • Build effective techniques to write sentences, paragraphs and sections to clearly  state the needs and information


Course Outline

Introduction to Technical Writing

  • Develop the objectives of technical writing
  • Assessing the audience
  • Experts, Executives, General Public
  • Scoping and defining needs
  • Identifying and understanding the reader’s needs
  • The Writing Process

 Technical Writing Challenges

  • Getting ready to write
  • Assessing your audience
  • Communicating technical information
  • Ensuring Clarity and Readability
  • Creating logical, concise, and accurate information
  • Creating strong subjects
  • Building clarity and solving common grammar problems
  • Common writing problems
  • Managing style in technical writing

A Common Framework for Producing Timely, Error-free Documents

  • Building internal and formal writing standards
  • Creating effective technical documents
  • Role of technical writing in communicating needs
  • Costs, benefits and qualities of effective writing
  • Processes and challenges involved
  • Key stages in compiling an effective technical document
  • Creating effective procedures for writing, issuing and controlling technical documents
  • Choosing and using the right words
  • Clarity and Readability

Writing Technically

  • The Mechanics of Writing
  • Usage of words and phrases
  • Selecting the right words
  • Grammar, spelling & punctuation
  • Creating style in technical writing
  • Technical Writing Reviewing and Revising
  • Editing for quality
  • Structuring Information for Understanding
  • Problem words
  • Technical Writing standards
  • Technical Writing process
  • Maintaining document structure

Methods of Technical Writing Development

  • Editing and Reviewing for quality
  • Structuring Information for Understanding
  • Maintaining document structure
  • Methods of development
  • Audience-driven document design
  • Conveying information with graphics


Your progress will be assessed with workshops and exercises in several ways by evaluation of written work.

Group Exercise


Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in writing or contributing to the preparation and management of any technical document or specifications.

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