Length: 2 Days
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UMTS Core Network Training

UMTS Core Network Training course covers the details of various functions of the Core Network including Mobility Management, authentication, security, roaming, call and session setup and evolution of the UMTS network towards an all-IP based network. It gives an overview of the evolved core networks in different releases of UMTS from Release 4 to Release 8.

The Core Network has several interfaces, which need to be configured and dimensioned. The Core Network hardware configuration is also vendor specific. Network vendors have very extensive documentation how to design all aspects of core network starting from the room environmental requirements up to the post integration system quality audit.

Planning the UMTS core network consist of GSN (GPRS Service Node) system design, MSC and registers dimensioning, OMC dimensioning, Core network interface dimensioning, HSS and IMS components.

Who Should Attend

Technical personnel who wish to know more about UMTS core network and the consolidation scenarios on how voice and data services can fall under a single network architecture .

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