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Length: 2 Days
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VoWiFi Training

VoWiFi Training, learn about Voice over Wi-Fi (or VoWiFi) concepts, principals, architecture and design using IMS, SIP and EPC core.

VoWiFi training course covers all the principals carriers need to leverage residential and enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points transparent along with interworking concepts and challenges between IMS, 3G, small cell, Wi-Fi, and 4G/LTE.

Learn about all the tricks about VoWiFi and transparent and seamless mobility across Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and 2G platforms for all voice and messaging services.

TONEX  VoWiFi training covers all aspect of VoWiFi, VoLTE, small cells along with IMS control and Diameter and SIP protocols.

VoWifi training provides an intermediate-to-advanced-level technical analysis of VoWiFi architetcure, registration, call-setup, location update, mobility and security procedures. Protocol traces and logs are provided mapped to procedures and discuss various methods, functions and signalling parameters.

In this course, you will learn about VoWiFi, EPC core, 3GPP AAA server and proxy, ePDG, all new VoWiFi interfaces, signalin

What You’ll Learn

  • Intro to key VoWiFi technical concepts
  • Network Architecture for VoWiFi for the IMS and non-IMS based core
  • Network Architecture for Femto Small Cell and interworking with EPC and IMS
  • VoWifi IMS based solution based on 3GPP standards
  • Trusted and untrusted non-3GPP WiFi architecture carrying voice and SMS/MMS
  • IIMS access using VoWiFi
  • VoWiFi, EPC, IMS architecture , interfaces and protocols
  • RCS and Joyn services for VoWiFi
  • VoWiFi signalling, roaming and messaging
  • Voice / media call setup up signaling
  • Voice / media bearer establishment
  • VoWiFi performace and capacity
  • The Mobile core Network for VoWiFi
  • IMS service applied to VoWiFi
  • VoWiFi default bearer establishment for IMS
  • 3GPP EPS AAA interfaces
  • ANGw, ePDG
  • SWm, SWa, STa, SWd interfaces
  • AAA server, AAA proxy


Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to understand how Voice over WiFi networks carry voice, SMS, MMS and other real time services


Course Agenda

IMS architecture for VoFiWi

  • Telephony in WiFi networks
  • VoWiFi based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network
  • SIP servers
  • IMS Identifiers
  • SIP protocol applied to VoFiWi
  • Diameter protocol applied to VoFiWi
  • QoS procedures for VoFiWi
  • Overview of 802.11e principals
  • Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)
  • Packet Loss, Jitter, and Latency affecting voice, SMS and MMS
  • IMS Call Flow Examples
  • IMS Access Using VoFiWi
  • IMS Flow Using VoFiWi
  • VoFiWi User Plane and Control Plane

VoWiFi Procedure Descriptions        

  • Authentication and Authorization procedure
  • 3GPP AAA Server Detailed Behaviour
  • 3GPP AAA Proxy Detailed Behaviour
  • SWa HSS/AAA Initiated Detach
  • SWa Re-Authentication and Re-Authorization Procedure
  • Commands for SWa authentication and authorization procedures
  • Diameter-EAP-Request (DER) Command
  • Diameter-EAP-Answer (DEA) Command
  • Commands for SWa HSS/AAA Initiated Detach
  • Commands for Untrusted non-3GPP Access network Initiated Session Termination
  • Commands for SWa Re-Authentication and Re-Authorization Procedures
  • STa Access Authentication and Authorization
  • HSS/AAA Initiated Detach on STa
  • STa Re-Authorization and Re-Authentication Procedures

Non-3GPP Access Network Initiated Session Termination   

  • Commands for STa HSS/AAA Initiated Detach for Trusted non-3GPP Access
  • Commands for Re-Authentication and Re-Authorization Procedure
  • Commands for Trusted non-3GPP Access network Initiated Session Termination
  • AN-Trusted
  • Session Handling

Untrusted non-3GPP Access / ePDG related procedures      

  • Commands used in connection with the STa interface
  • Commands used in connection with the SWm interface
  • Commands used in connection with the S6b interface
  • Authentication and Authorization Procedures

ePDG Architecture

  • ePDG Detailed Behavior
  • ePDG Initiated Session Termination Procedures
  • 3GPP AAA Server Initiated Session Termination Procedures
  • Authorization Information Update Procedures
  • Commands for SWm Authentication and Authorization Procedures
  • Commands for ePDG Initiated Session Termination
  • Commands for Authorization Information Update

SWx Description      

  • Authentication Procedure
  • Location Management Procedures
  • HSS Initiated Update of User Profile
  • S6b and H2 Description
  • Authentication and Authorization Procedures when using DSMIPv6
  • Authorization Procedures when using PMIPv6 or GTPv2
  • PDN GW Initiated Session Termination Procedures
  • 3GPP AAA Initiated Session Termination Procedures
  • Service Authorization Information Update Procedures
  • Authorization Procedures when using MIPv4 FACoA
  • Commands for S6b DSMIPv6 Authorization Procedures
  • S6b DSMIPv6 procedures
  • S6b PMIPv6 or GTPv2 procedures
  • S6b Re-used Diameter AVPs
  • SWx interface


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