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As cybersecurity threats around the world grow and evolve, businesses, government agencies, and militaries all face the same question of how best to proceed. And while approaches may differ, one thing is clear: the worst possible response is to do nothing at all.

As illustrated by the latest cybersecurity report  from the US Department of Defense, these comprehensive threats demand an equally comprehensive response.

Michael Rogers, commander of US Cyber Command, summed it up by saying “Those who would seek to harm… utilize the same Internet, the same communications devices, and the same social media platforms that we, our families, and our friends here and around the world use.”

Rogers also made clear the need for the right training and support to keep those on the front lines of cyber security armed with the best technology and knowledge.

“We must keep pace with change,” he said, “in order to provide policy makers and our operational commanders the intelligence and cyber capabilities they need to keep us safe.”

And to show that the Department of Defense is putting action behind these words, they’ve set a goal to have 133 fully trained cybersecurity teams in the field by 2018—definitive proof that when it comes to cybersecurity training, no organization can afford to wait.

Of course, the greatest defense against cybersecurtity threats is the right training. To put your people, business, or agency a step ahead of all possible cybersecurity threats, contact TONEX today.





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