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Usable Security Fundamental Training By TONEX

The usable security fundamental training course introduces you to a variety of usability and user interface problems related to system privacy and security. Furthermore, it gives you the experience needed in design studies aimed to prevent usability issues in security and privacy systems.

In applications where humans are the critical part of the security process for example by creating passwords, following security protocols, or even sharing the vital part of information which may endanger the entire security of the system, usable security plays a key role in preserving the security of the system.


TONEX as a leader in security industry for more than 15 years is proud to offer a comprehensive training course on usable security fundamentals, which helps you to design a secure system with human-centric focus.

TONEX has served the industry and academia with high quality conferences, seminars, workshops, and exclusively designed courses in cyber security area and is pleased to inform professional fellows about the recent comprehensive training on usable security fundamentals.

What Should You Expect From This Training Course

By taking the usable security fundamentals training course, you will learn the basics of human computer interaction (HCI), design considerations for secure system, and human communication protocol. Moreover, you will be introduced to the basics of computer security, privacy policies, security safeguard principles, and concept of usability in computer security.

Students Will Also Learn About:

  • User studies to minimize the dame caused by worms, viruses, and other types of malware. This course gives you the sufficient knowledge to prevent the threat, detect the threat, and action regarding the threats based on usability guidelines for usable security.
  • The usable privacy and security topics such as principles of usable security, user educational studies, centered design of usable system, risk analysis, or AEGIS process.
  • How a secure interaction design can mitigate the problems of security such as cookies, phishing, or distrust. Moreover, learn how to design a trustworthy secure system knowing the fact about different layers of trust in a system.

This course also teaches you the design considerations for privacy and introduces the privacy issues regarding the human computer interactions. Topics such as privacy analysis, peripheral privacy, GUI design and pitfalls in privacy design are considered as key components.

As the first thing that comes to our mind in a usable security network is the authentication and password issues, this course helps you to understand the compliance defects and improve the user interface security by encryption application and password cracking prevention policy.

If you are an IT professional who specialize in system, you will benefit the presentations, examples, case studies, discussions, and individual activities upon the completion of usable security fundamentals training and will prepare yourself for your career.

Finally, the usable security fundamentals training will help you to secure the communications by introducing the concept of public key infrastructure. Hierarchy of PKI, encrypting using PKI and different PKI algorithms will help you to build a secured communication in your network.

Who Should Attend

The usable security fundamentals training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • All individuals who need to understand the concept of usable security and human computer interaction.
  • IT professionals in the areas of usable security, windows security and system administration
  • Cyber security professionals, network engineers, security analysts, policy analysts
  • Security operation personnel, network administrators, system integrators and security consultants
  • IT professionals interested in the field of usable security and authentication
  • Security traders to understand the human based security of a network.
  • Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in security system industry.
  • Technicians, operators, and maintenance personnel who are or will be working on cyber security projects
  • Managers, accountants, and executives of cyber security industry.

 What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics are covered in this course (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Basics of HCI Methods, Usable Security and Design
  • Basics of Computer Security
  • User Studies for Usable Security
  • Usable Privacy and Security
  • Secure Interaction Design
  • Designing Trustworthy Secure System
  • Privacy Design
  • Authentication and Passwords
  • Secure Communications
  • Hands-on and In-Class Activities
  • Sample Workshops Labs for Usable Security Training


Usable Security Fundamental Training By TONEX


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