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Radar is an incredibly useful detection system.

In functional radar, radio waves are used to determine the distance (range), angle or velocity of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations and terrain.

Originally invented and developed for military uses, radar systems are part of the social infrastructure helping to support safe and stable societies. Consequently, radar systemss must operate accurately and reliably. In addition, radar radio waves are a unique resource, and the radar frequency bands are also used by various radio communications equipment, satellite communications and broadcasting, and other radio wave measurement systems.

While not commonly known, radar systems must meet certain international technology standards to avoid interference with other radio systems. The spread of advanced radar systems requires periodic maintenance tests of radar transmitters and effective measurement methods to assure stable operation and compliance with relevant laws.

Radar systems have advantages in comparison to optical and mechanical measurement methods, including:

  • Night and day measurement regardless of poor visibility
  • Long-distance and wide-range measurement from radar site beyond visual and physical metrology measurement ability
  • More accurate and detailed measurement by combining data collected using several different methods

In relative radar terms, the lower frequency bands can measure longer distance ranges, while higher frequency bands are better for measuring shorter distance ranges with higher resolution.

In addition to military applications, these frequency bands are used for weather radar, maritime radar, air traffic-control radar, coastguard radar, etc., applications.

Radar systems using even higher frequency bands (24/60/76/79 GHz, etc.) are called millimeter-wave radar used by intelligent transport systems (ITS), especially automobile collision-prevention radar and as sensing technology in the healthcare field.

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