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VoWiFi Training Course

Tonex just lunched the first VoWiFi training course covering all aspects of VoWiFi, Voice over WiFi with EPC core, IMS, SIP, Diameter: Learn how WiFi carries voice and other real-time services. For complete course details visit VoWiFi Training page here.

In the VoWiFi training, participants will learn about WiFi, VoWiFi concepts, VoWiFi architecture with IMS/SIP, interworking with LTE/EPC, VoWiFi protocols and interfaces and VoWiFi procedures and security. Principles of IMS, SIP, Diameter and new 3GPP EPS interfaces supporting interworking with VoWiFi.

Learn how as a service-provider to combine Wi-Fi fully into your overall voice, SMS, MMS and other real time service-offers. WiFi interworking with LTE/EPS and IMS will deliver voice, messaging and other media service serviceson. Carrier Wi-Fi capabilities allows service-providers to offer seamless, real-time  quality media services, high-quality and seamless multimedia services to subscribers, on Wi-Fi, alongside their other broadband and mobile offering.

TONEX VoWiFi will provide  knowledge and skills to enable Service-Providers to include IMS and SIP-enabled Voice and media services over Wi-Fi, interworking with 3G/4G Mobile.

WiFi networks can now deliver mobile voice, SMS, MMS and other media services with better QoS and lower latency. VoWiFi is now a globally interoperable and exciting IP-based voice, SMS, MMS, and video calling solution for WiFi with EPS and IMS interowkring, known as VoWiFi, which also enables development of new innovative communication services.
Traditional over-the-top (OTT) communication services solutions, such as Skype and FaceTime, introduced n VoIP, video-calling and messaging services with little or no QoS/QoE measures in place, no handover mechanism to the 3GPP network and no guaranteed emergency support or security and safety. Traditional OTT based services are still in need of mobile-broadband coverage to complement quality, security and flexibility in their communication services.

Example of VoWiFi Training Topics and Discussions

Diameter Messages for VoWiFi and Wi-Fi access in EPC

  • Diameter-EAP-Request (DER) Command
  • Diameter-EAP-Answer (DEA) Command
  • Diameter-AA-Request (AAR) Command
  • Diameter-AA-Answer (AAA) Command
  • Commands for ePDG Initiated Session Termination
  • Commands for GPP AAA Server Initiated Session Termination
  • Commands for Authorization Information Update

Untrusted Wi-Fi access in EPC

  • evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG)
  • IPSec support
  • ePDG and IPSec tunnels into GTP or PMIP tunnels
  • Terminated in the Packet Gateway P-GW
  • Supporting 802.1x
  • 3GPP SWa interface
  • EAP client authentication with HSS.
  • SWm interface for additional authentication parameters
  • S2b option selection (which tunnel type to use)

Trusted Wi-Fi access in EPC

  • AP Controller
  • Access Gwy
  • Trusted Wireless Access Gateway (TWAG)
  • Trusted Wi-Fi access in EPC
  • STa
  • GXa
  • S6b
  • SWd
  • Wd
  • SWf
  • SWo
  • GTPv2, PMIP or MIP tunnel (the S2a interface) to the P-GW in
  • Hotspot 2.0 compatible Wi-Fi Core with 802.1x and EAP authentication support to the HSS/HLR
  • Wi-Fi access with 3G core (I-WLAN)
  • IPSec tunnels
  • Tunnel Terminating Gateway (TTG) node
  • 3GPP Wa interface is used for EAP client authentication with HLR

Wi-Fi access with 3G core and WAG (GTP)

  • Wi-Fi access with 3G core and local WLAN break-out
  • Untrusted 3GPP Wi-Fi access
  • The untrusted model
  • ePDG (Evolved Packet Data Gateway)
  • smartphone voice (VoWiFi) calls
  • UE and TWAG (Trusted Wireless Access Gateway) in the Wi-Fi core

VoWiFi Interfaves and Protocols

  • Between an un-trusted non-3GPP IP access
  • 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy
  • 3GPP AAA Proxy and 3GPP AAA Server
  • Between Untrusted Non-3GPP IP Access and ePDG
  • Between the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy and the ePDG
  • Between the 3GPP AAA Server and the HSS
  • Between a trusted non-3GPP IP access and the 3GPP AAA Server/Proxy
  • SWa interface
  • Sta interface
  • SWd interface
  • SWn interface
  • SWm interface
  • SWx interface


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