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Water Desalination and Purification Technology Training By TONEX

The Water desalination and purification technology training course covers the scientific, engineering, and management aspects of the water desalination technology, from the chemistry of water to the process and cost analysis of water purification.


According to the United Nations, more than 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. Drinking water is considered safe if it meets the WHO guidelines. Moreover, U.N. has anticipated that, by the year of 2025, more than 3.5 billion people will face drought globally.

Currently in the U.S., California, Nevada, New Mexico and other desert states are facing sever draught, which makes drinking water scarce and precious. Therefore, it is predicated for the United States to face sever changes in the availability and quality of the water along with the regulation of the use and disposal of the water. The situation is no better in other countries located in desert areas of the glob such as some parts of Middle East or Africa. Overall, more than 1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean potable water.

Desalination is basically the process of treating seawater. It converts the un-drinkable brackish water or seawater into drinkable water. However, it has to be done with minimum cost and energy use in order to be feasible and sustainable.

The water desalination and purification technology training course gives you sufficient knowledge about desalination and filtration processes. We will teach you the fundamental thermodynamics and transfer phenomena, which govern the production of water out of brackish or seawater.

The water desalination and purification technology training course discusses the characteristics of the seawater and brackish water. At TONEX, our instructors will introduce you to thermal technologies, nano-filtration, osmosis, reverse-osmosis, electrodialysis, distillation, and desalination processes in a simple language.

The water desalination and purification technology training course also discusses the associated costs of desalination and gives you a good perspective about the techniques and strategies could be applied to reduce the costs.

Who Should Attend?

The water desalination and purification technology training is a 2-day course suitable for:

  • all the individuals willing to gain more detailed understanding of how desalination works and what is the science behind it
  • the developers and contractors looking for new methods in order to make the existing desalination plants sustainable and cost effective.
  • engineers and scientists with different backgrounds who are or will be involved in water desalination projects

What Will You Learn?

The water desalination and purification training course will cover the following topics (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • An overview of water desalination system
  • Characteristics of seawater and fresh water
  • Fundamental of thermodynamics of desalination
  • Free energy
  • Chemical potential
  • Separation process
  • Gibbs energy
  • Different types of membranes
  • Desalination process
  • Fundamentals of thermal desalination
  • Electrodialysis: concept, designs, and economics
  • Sustainability of desalination plants
  • Environmental impacts and economics of desalination plants

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