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What You Need as an Enterprise Architect

What exactly is enterprise architecture? Enterprise architecture is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization. Enterprise architecture training prepares you to apply architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to have successful business strategies.

A Good Enterprise Architect (EA)

Besides courses in enterprise architecture training, there are essential skills that every EA should have. Aside from high technology knowledge, there are many other factors that are important to keep in mind. You won’t be working alone in front of a computer, so you will need to be a well-rounded professional and human being.

Inspire and Motivate – It will be up to you to promote a set of ideas with your clients. Your enterprise architecture won’t be enough. You need to be motivational and inspire people and companies to be greater. They will be looking to you for help in so many different ways.

Troubleshoot – As an EA, you need to be quick on your toes and also a great problem-solver. Your enterprise architecture training will prepare you to face a set of complex and unique problems, but you must be able to evaluate them and make the best decisions possible.

Know Your Business – Knowing the industry you are working in is a no-brainer. It is completely essential to understanding how technology is going to affect your client’s business. Understand what clients want, but most importantly know what is going to work best for them.

People Skills – Lastly and most importantly, you need to have excellent people skills. Enterprise architecture training is not enough. Your job will require that you interact with other people constantly. Know how to be professional and how to engage with people in a way that makes them comfortable and trusting. If your career depends on these skills or if you are interested in pursuing your career in this field, check out our course page for more information.

What You Need as an Enterprise Architect

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