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Wireless communications have grown to new heights because of its huge business benefits.

Wireless technology offers speed, flexibility and network efficiency. It has become a powerful tool for tech-savvy generation as it facilitates easy information sharing and boosts productivity.

Wireless connectivity has come a long way over the past couple of decades. There is now an abundance of wireless connectivity through various means like cellular mobile networks, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, ultra-wideband networks, Wi-Fi and satellite networks.

Additionally, with the birth of cloud computing, users are now also offered shared resources along with connectivity. The user is no longer tied to a particular location or device to upload, access or share data.

Availability of such a wide variety of connectivity and “shared computing” options has enabled both personal and business users to add more mobile devices/computing on such networks to improve their mobility and reduce infrastructure costs for business/personal data sharing.

Despite the abundance of wireless modalities, providers of wireless continue to explore new avenues. One of those enterprises involve unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).

A network of UAVs operating at a certain height above ground can provide wireless service within coverage areas shaped by their optical antennas (integrated in the UAVs) with the UAVs using the existing terrestrial base station network for FSO wireless backhaul to connect to a dedicated optical ground station.

Consequently, the UAVs must optimize their connectivity to deliver reliable service to the end user while simultaneously meeting their own wireless backhaul requirements.

A low-altitude UAV network above the built-up urban area may be useful in the future, deploying FSO technology for mobile links between UAVs and fixed OGSs also involve several challenges to establish the ability of a mobile FSO system to operate in different atmospheric conditions.

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