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In many circles, 5G Advanced is considered the steppingstone to 6G technology.

That’s because, while 5G Advanced (expected to make appear in 2024) won’t have the “juice” of 6G, it will be more advanced than 5G.

5G Advanced will address the huge growth in uplink demanding applications such as live high-quality video streaming. It is expected that 5G Advanced will offer 20% higher data rates compared to 5G through innovations.

5G Advanced is also expected to offer users a superior XR experience while on the move, truly enabling a high-data-rate experience. It requires high data rates with strictly bounded latency constraints as well as a high degree of application awareness.

This enhanced application awareness helps to move the XR processing load from the device into the network cutting down on the cost, size, and power of user equipment. Older bulkier devices will be replaced by much smaller pocket-sized models that will enable XR use cases everywhere.

This could grant users the true perception of being in a remote environment and allow them to efficiently interact in such surroundings, no matter where they are physically located.

Additionally, 5G Advanced continues to push the spectral efficiency limits in both sub-7 GHz and mmWave spectrum. Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) advancements, such as support for more DMRS2 ports and MIMO layers, will improve both uplink and downlink transmission performance.

5G-Advanced (packaged in 3GPP’s Release 18) is also expected to bring an intelligent air interface design as well as introduce new infrastructure like smart network-controlled repeater and mobile IAB.

To provide coverage in deep-rural regions, 5G Advanced will also usher in continued enhancements for non-terrestrial satellite networks for broadband and IoT. With L1/L2-based intercell mobility and conditional handover enhancements, devices can also be more seamlessly connected as they move from one cell to another.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 5G & 5G Advanced Fundamentals, a 2-day course that covers 5G’s  history and background as well as a very high level technical concepts including use cases and user experiences.

Participants also learn the important role 5G plays in the digital transformation ecosystem and how it provides a faster and better connectivity to the users.

Additionally, gain knowledge about the cellular technologies and telecom operator business.

This course is recommended for those who have some basic knowledge about cellular technologies.

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