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The impact of 5G technology is spreading in all directions and needs to be understood by government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. 

This is due to 5G’s influence over other extremely important technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. 

In the military landscape alone, using 5G will enable development of robotic surgery, an application that will transform medical care for military personnel.

With robotic surgery, military doctors can quickly perform operations from a distance, using robotic arms and cameras. Housing this equipment on medical vehicles eliminates the need to transport patients to another location before receiving treatment.

The adoption of 5G offers the possibility for connecting soldiers with remote medical personnel by supporting high data rates and latencies approaching real time.

Advances in AI will ease soldiers’ workloads and physical burdens while improving situational awareness.

In business, 5G-enabled machine learning and industrial robotics technologies are merging into single systems for manufacturing production. Increased uptime, reduced programming time and higher productivity are some of the greatest benefits for today’s manufacturers.

However, many analysts believe the U.S. is not moving fast enough in developing AI and robotic use cases. In fact, a recent well-regarded report claims that China has made such extraordinary leaps in 5G and AI that it will soon be the global leader if the U.S. doesn’t pick up the pace. 

This in large part is why Tonex now offers 5G training packages for government agencies and large corporations. 

For example, Tonex offers 5G for the Federal Government, a 2-day course where participants learn about 5G deployment, management, cybersecurity and tools to create secure and reliable 5G communications infrastructure. This course is intended for government agencies as well as large organizations such as Fortune 500 companies. 

Tonex also offers more than three dozen additional courses in 5G such as:

5G Network Essentials (2 days)

5G Position and Location Services (2 days)

5G RF Engineering Training Bootcamp (3 days)

Fundamentals of 5G Network Slicing (2 days)

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