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It’s becoming clearer every day: Higher performance and improved efficiency empower organizations that have laid the foundation for incorporating 5G technology into their future plans.

In its annual Global mobile trendsresearch report, the GSMA said 5G activity has recovered from the pandemic with 113 mobile operators having launched a 5G network in 48 countries. It expects operators to spend 80% of the telco sector’s capital expenditure, or $890 billion on 5G networks over the next five years.

Also, consumer adoption of 5G will reach 20% of global mobile connections by 2025, with adoption rates higher among countries at the forefront of 5G – US, China, South Korea, Japan, the Gulf states, Australia and parts of Europe.

Industry analysts agree: Organizations looking to future-proof their systems and products must recognize the potential of 5G — its fast, reliable transmissions are set to revolutionize business mobility solutions. Let’s examine the benefits of 5G and how this promising network upgrade will supercharge business.

Higher device capacity is one of the important advantages of 5G over its predecessor 4G. Estimates suggest that 5G deployments can support 1 million connected devices per 0.38 square miles, where 4G supported just 2,000.

What this means is that with 5G, enterprise networks can host large numbers of devices in their IT infrastructure, all of which can undertake simultaneous data transfer thanks to the network’s larger spectrum band.

Near zero latency is also expected to supercharge businesses. Latency is the gap of time between when a data packet is sent and when it is received and acknowledged. High latency results in noticeable lag, something that has always been present in our network connections.

For example, if you’re watching a live-streamed tennis match, what you see on the screen is always behind what is actually happening in real time on the court. Latency is a particularly important metric for businesses looking to get involved in the Internet of Things marketplace, and the lower latency offered by 5G can significantly improve the functionality — and in some cases, safety — of IoT devices.

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