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It’s been slow developing, but 5G is here and probably heading your way.

Since Verizon launched its 5G network in April 2019, all four carriers are now assiduously building out their 5G infrastructures to take advantage of 5G’s potential.

Acting on forecasts regarding the extreme importance of understanding 5G architecture, businesses are enrolling their staff in 5G training.

And that’s not a bad idea.

A recent Forbes article underscored the importance of businesses large and small to be prepared for 5G networks. The most discussed benefit of 5G networking is speed. Where 4G has download speeds of around 20Mbps, 5G is expected to 500 to 1500 Mbps from the get-go even before 5G infrastructures are completed.

The telecom industry likes to impress consumers by explaining that with 5G a Netflix movie can be downloaded in seconds. But there are also important business applications associated with 5G’s speed factor, such as:

  • Mobile AR shopping experiences set to revolutionize retail
  • Ushering in self-driving vehicles
  • Focusing on automation like never before in manufacturing
  • Transforming the healthcare industry creating new business opportunities including telcos, app developers, pharmaceutical companies, wearable device manufactures, government health organizations and insurance companies

Unfortunately, polls indicate that only 28% of businesses understand 5G and its business opportunities.

Besides obtaining 5G training, experts advise companies start budgeting for a 5G investment now as well as fortifying big data analytics. Companies need to be certain they have the appropriate data analytics tools capable of gleaning insights from data originating via the growth of automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Speaking of artificial intelligence, it’s generally agreed that 5G architecture with its speed and near zero latency will usher in a generation of machine learning and AI applications that will change how businesses rely on their mobile networks. Therefore it behooves forward thinking businesses to work with engineers to re-evaluate areas of operations where machines can be automated and machine leaning/AI can be applied.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers a large selection of cutting edge 5G Training courses, such as:

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