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6G networks of the future will be loaded: ultra-fast mobile data speeds, improved functionality, enhanced coverage and support billions of IoT devices worldwide.

6G networks will likely be powered by the large bandwidth in the THz frequency band, which will give 6G its exceptional speed at 1 Tbps data rate.

However, many experts in this field feel this rate is very challenging to achieve as a large continuous bandwidth is required, but in reality, the bandwidths that are available for use are likely limited and split over different bands.

To further improve link range as well as enhance data rate, several requirements are needed to be considered when designing a 6G network. Systems engineers believe that selecting appropriate semiconductors to boost link range is critical. The general consensus is to pick low-loss materials with a small dielectric constant and tan loss to prevent substantial transmission loss.

To further reduce transmission loss, a new packaging strategy that tightly integrates RF components with antennas might also be required.

In addition to device design, network deployment strategy is also a crucial 6G network research area. Establishing a heterogeneous smart electromagnetic (EM) environment, for example, is being investigated, utilizing a wide range of technologies, such as reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) or repeaters.

Many feel that all these 6G new spectrum considerations will either make or break 6G networks, which are tentatively slotted to go live around 2030.

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