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Wireless communication professionals believe now is the time to patch likely 6G security issues before this technology goes live.

The general believe regarding 6G security is that with the continued rise of applications driven by AI/ML in 6G, organizations are likely to see attacks that exploit the models behind them. As these technologies mature further, so must their resiliency against abuse.

One recent study concluded that hackers could make a tool to eavesdrop on some 6G wireless signals with just office paper, an inkjet printer, a metallic foil transfer, and a laminator.

The study co-author warned that awareness of a future threat is the first step to counter that threat. The frequencies that are vulnerable to this attack aren’t in use yet, but they are coming and society needs to be prepared.

Most agree and believe that 6G’s further increases in bandwidth, lower latency, greater capacity and coverage will require that security solutions are optimized so as to minimize utilized resources and maximize throughput.

A related 6G security concern is the advancement of  quantum computing. As quantum computing matures and becomes more widely available, quantum resistance of security controls will be of increasing importance. Experts feel this may result in a reconsideration of cryptographic algorithms used in 6G.

Asymmetric cryptographic was introduced into mobile communications for the first time with 5G. It is fair to assume that with 6G it will become even more prevalent.

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