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Quantum Computing will likely play a major role in this transition from 5G to 6G communications systems, consequently paving the way for smart systems and advanced computing.

Until recently, quantum computing was thought to be purely theoretical. It is now expected to assist in overcoming some of wireless network technology’s most daunting problems.

Experts in this area believe aspects of quantum physics will be needed in 6G networks to provide global coverage, enhanced spectral/energy/cost efficiency, better intelligence level and security, etc.

Additionally, the inherent security of quantum entanglement, which cannot be duplicated or accessed without tampering, suggests that it is suitable for systems that use 6G and beyond. Quantum communication is not the answer to all security and privacy concerns, however. But many works have demonstrated the feasibility of quantum key distribution and associated protocols.

Another advantage of quantum communications is that it can be adapted to wide area communications. Even though quantum cryptography for quantum communication has advanced significantly over the past few years, long-distance quantum communication is still difficult due to the attenuation of fibers and operational errors.

In reality, there are many aspects of quantum physics that play into the future success of 6G technology. For example, Quantum Machine Learning is a novel area of interdisciplinary research, merging Quantum Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence, moving toward the Machine Learning in super-fast response paces with massive amount of data.

The aim is to use the advantages of Quantum Physics theory to improve Classical Machine Learning (CML) by developing efficient implementations of complicated classical algorithms/quantum algorithms using Quantum Computing (QC).

Analysts are inclined to believe that Quantum Machine Learning (QML) will meet high expectations of bringing a solution to the analysis of large volumes of data using the power of QC such as parallelism, superposition and entanglement.

Moreover, the new generation of wireless communication B5G/6G will likely be the combination of utmost transmission capabilities and AI enabled by Quantum Computing technologies.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Principles of Quantum Physics in 6G, a 2-day course that that covers the basics of quantum physics and how evolving concepts in this field are likely to influence the development of 6G.

Participants will examine the benefits and challenges of coupling 6G with quantum computing.

Attendees will also examine why quantum physics may be essential to providing the “secret sauce” necessary for many of the advanced concepts expected with the development of 6G technology.

Additionally, attendants of this cutting-edge course will learn the differences between traditional and quantum computing and how these differences benefit 6G.

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