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With 5G technology as the conduit, artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been making headway in many industries, especially in the medical and healthcare sectors. 

In fact, due to the influence of 5G and AI/ML, medical units have begun to change from the traditional medical system to the intelligent system, and the processing of online case information has become an important component of medical informationization. 

It’s well recognized that using artificial intelligence technology to solve electronic health services has great advantages, among which are efficiency, assistance, and service satisfaction, which in turn provides favorable technical support for electronic health services.

AI and ML-based software for medical devices are making an impact as well. Machine learning algorithms can learn to see patterns similarly to the way doctors see them. 

Machine Learning is particularly helpful in areas where the diagnostic information a doctor examines is already digitized, such as:

  • Detecting lung cancer or strokes based on CT scans
  • Assessing the risk of sudden cardiac death or other heart diseases based on electrocardiograms and cardiac MRI images
  • Classifying skin lesions in skin images
  • Finding indicators of diabetic retinopathy in eye images

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