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The benefits of brainstorming are considerable.

First of all, brainstorming helps build self-esteem because people are being asked for their participation and ideas.

Brainstorming can help team members in an organization unlock creative talents they might have not been aware of.

Additionally, brainstorming builds enthusiasm, loyalty, involvement and commitment as an organization creates a better climate for teamwork and cooperation.

Of course, the biggest benefit of brainstorming is the possibility of unveiling excellent ideas that may even change the direction and ultimately success of an organization.

You can think of brainstorming as a kind of root cause analysis (RCA), especially when the goal of a brainstorming session is to ferret out the root cause of a serious problem.

There are various techniques that have been proven successful to help promote creative thinking, bring teams together, and help hit on the perfect idea or solution.

Rapid ideation, for example, is a brainstorming approach where everyone writes down as many ideas as possible in a set amount of time before any ideas are discussed, critiqued, or fleshed out. However, for this brainstorming technique to be successful, you will need to set (and stick to) a time constraint, otherwise you’ll risk losing the sense of urgency. 

The rapid ideation brainstorming exercise can be helpful to avoid the all-too-common scenario when an idea is shot down before it has time to grow, transform, and develop. By allowing everyone to capture their ideas before the critique begins, rapid ideation avoids the inevitable, premature shooting down of ideas.

The time constraint can also prevent people from talking themselves out of an idea before they share it with a group—a common brainstorming mishap.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Brainstorming Training, a 2-day course that introduces participants to the concepts, methods, and tactics of conventional and advanced brainstorming techniques.

This course will teach you how to be creative on your own as well as help you learn how to plan and assist an effective brainstorming. It also will teach you how to prioritize the generated ideas, select the best ones, and implement them.

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