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Change Management (CM) has to do with the process of preparing individuals, teams and organizations in making organizational change.

It represents how business leaders manage processes, systems, organizational structure, job roles, and overall morale during a time of transition within a company.

A change has many stories. It can be anything from presenting new goals or plans on how to deal with massive turnover.

As with an individual’s life, a change in business can be someone trying with far reaching consequences that can make or break a company. One of the most monumental tasks is getting everyone from senior leadership to employees of all levels to accept and become comfortable with the change.

This makes it critical for every organization to have someone or a special team adept at managing all of the processes associated with the change.

As often is the case, effective communication is a key element in pulling off a change smoothly. If people are in the dark about the impact of policy changes or new projects, inaccurate information will likely be disseminated via conjecture.

Change management also involves creating a coalition of key stakeholders to help convey the messaging of the change and how the organization is preparing for it as well as likely results.

A well thought out plan is always required to make sure all bases are covered during a significant change – especially since studies show that 70% of changes fail. The reasons for failure include:

  • Management doesn’t support the change
  • Employees are resistant to change
  • Inadequate budget or resources

Want to learn more about change management?  Tonex offers several courses in Change Management:

  • Change Management Training – A 2-day course that provides the knowledge and skills you need to handle change in your organization, as well as the concepts, philosophies, and tools associated with change management.
  • Organizational Change Management Training – A 3-day course that overs the essential components, main concepts, organizational readiness, tools, crucial factors of success, and reasons to resistance associated with organizational change as well as the methodologies to navigate the organization through the change at three levels of personal, team and corporate.
  • Strategic Change Management Training – A 2-day course that covers principals, strategies, and approaches required to effective change management.

Additionally, Tonex offers 120 different courses in a dozen categories in Leadership training.

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