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Cybersecurity Training and Certification Courses: Unquestionably, cybersecurity is important for any organization. It only takes one significant direct hit by a cybercriminal to send a business reeling.

The problem is that as technology advances so do new schemes and approaches by bad actors who are often better at this cat and mouse game than the protectors with their outdated security patches. Tracking and defeating hackers who can shelter behind the protection of a country, with all its state-of-the-art apparatus, is doubly difficult.

Nonetheless, cybersecurity must evolve to keep up with new and improved cyberattacks. Professionals in cybersecurity recommend companies take a more data-driven approach to analyzing cyber risk in order to deflect newer levels of sophisticated attacks from cybercriminals.

A data-driven approach can include using a combination of publicly available, external data, internal aggregated data from cybersecurity companies, and general information about cyber adversaries – including who they are attacking and how.

Another recommendation is don’t scrimp on security. Spend money on the very latest IT security software and hardware, on IT staff who know what they are doing and are completely up to speed.

Back It up and Move Quickly

Experts in the field also recommend backing up all data. If data is backed up, being held to ransom until it is returned ceases to be a menacing situation.

And, in the case of a cyberattack, don’t spend time being stunned. Prepare to move at warp speed to get things back on track. Be prepared to basically reinvent your infrastructure with new servers, new PCs and new applications.

IoT and Cyber Risk

Looking forward, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) will turn all manner of risks into cyber risks, with the global number of IoT devices approaching 50 billion. As everyday objects are connected to the internet, all of a sudden there will be few aspects of the global economy that aren’t impacted by it.

Need to learn more? Tonex, a leader in cybersecurity training for over two decades, offers dozens of cybersecurity courses in areas that include Cybersecurity Foundation, IoT Security, Risk Management Framework Training and Wireless Security Training.

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