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A report from CBS Money Watch reveals that 80% of U.S. businesses have been hacked successfully. 

Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they are increasing in size, sophistication and cost. By next year global cybercrime damages are predicted to reach $6 trillion annually.

That’s a big bite out of the world’s gross world product (GWP).

Obviously, cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought or luxury project for organizations, companies and agencies. Cybercriminals are hitting organizations where it hurts – the bottom line, and in some cases also jeopardizing safety.

Cybercrime costs include damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud, post-attack disruption to the normal course of business, forensic investigation, restoration and deletion of hacked data and systems, and reputational harm.

The cybersecurity concerns business owners face today are considerable, including:

Data Theft – Many cybercriminals target small and midsize businesses as gateways into larger ones, as small businesses usually don’t have the large and robust security protocols in place that prevent theft. 

But there are plenty of vulnerabilities to go around for both large and small businesses in a new age of cybersecurity threats. Understanding a hacker’s methodology can help mitigate the imminent threat of having data stolen. By staying ahead of the game when it comes to cybersecurity, you can prevent the massive damage that results from large-scale data breaches.

Cyber Espionage — Private cloud adoption has increased to 77% among organizations. Whether the thief is coming from the inside or outside, attacking private, public or hybrid cloud technologies, trade secrets and other valuable intellectual properties are at risk as well as customer data. That’s why setting the cloud up securely is important, and monitoring it is crucial.

Endless Attacks – The opportunity for organizations of all sizes to have their data compromised grows as the number of devices that store confidential data increases. The Internet of Things (IoT) with its massive interconnectivity of devices has opened new portals for creating an unprecedented attack surface security professionals never had to deal with in the past.

Cybersecurity professionals insist that business owners must make security plans with this attack surface in mind, and not think only about their business computers and mobile devices.

Still, despite all the stats and the warnings, the dramatic rise (in damage costs) of  cyberattacks only reinforces the sharp increase in the number of organizations unprepared for cyber war.

Most cybersecurity professionals recommend cybersecurity training for all businesses, organizations and agencies. This training should cover at a minimum:

  • Cybersecurity tools
  • Risk management
  • Fundamentals
  • The importance of updating systems as technologies evolve

Tonex offers a wide spectrum of cybersecurity courses to help organizations cope more efficiently with contemporary cybersecurity challenges.

Cybersecurity Training

We can help. Tonex offers nearly four dozen different Cybersecurity Training Courses, Seminars and Workshops in areas that include Cybersecurity Foundation, IoT Security, Risk Management Framework Training and Wireless Security Training.


Automotive Cybersecurity Training Course3 days
Aviation Cybersecurity Airworthiness Certification3 days
Bluetooth Security Training2 days
Car Cyber Threats and Digital Forensics Training3 days
Cloud Security Training Crash Course3 days
Computer Network Architecture Training3 days
Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) NERC Training2 days
Cyber Physical Systems Workshop | Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Workshop3 days
Cyber Security Certificate- Part 1 Vulnerabilities and Risk Management5 days
Cyber Threat Simulation Training3 days
Cybersecurity Applied to Embedded Systems2 days
Cybersecurity Fundamentals2 days
Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Training3 days
Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation (T&E) Training2 days
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Training2 days
Electric Grid Cybersecurity Master Certification4 Weeks
Fundamentals of Malwares And Protection Against Malware Training2 days
Fundamentals of Threats And Risk Management Training2 days
Hardware Security Training By TONEX2 days
ICS Cybersecurity Training4 days
Industrial Control System and SCADA Cybersecurity Training3 days
Information Security and Risk Management Training2 days
Introduction to Cryptography2 days
Introduction to Cryptography Training – Level 12 days
Introduction to Hacking Training3 days
Introduction to Secure Software Engineering Training2 days
Linux Security Training Crash Course4 days
Network Security Training2 days
Smart Grid Cybersecurity Training3 days
Software Security Training2 days
Software Testing Training2 days
Threat Simulation and Modeling Training2 days
Usable Security Fundamental Training2 days
Web Security Training2 days

Cybersecurity Systems Engineering

Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Training3 days
SAML Training | Security Assessment Markup Language Training2 days
Weapon Systems Cybersecurity Training Bootcamp3 days


Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP)5 days
Fundamentals of Positioning, Navigation and Timing | PNT Training2 days
Space Mission Systems Engineering Training2 days
Space Systems Engineering Fundamentals2 days


Car Cyber Threats and Digital Forensics Training3 days
Cybersecurity in Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Systems3 days
IoT Security Training | IoT Security Awareness2 days


Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP)5 days
Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.012 days
Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation Workshop3 days
RMF for DoD IT Crash Course4 days
RMF Procedures Overview , DoDI 8510.012 days
RMF Training | Introduction to Risk Management Framework2 days
RMF Training, Risk Management Framework Implementation3 days


5G Cybersecurity Bootcamp | 3GPP Version4 days
5G Security Training | 5G Wireless Security Training4 days
Certified Wireless Security Professional Training5 days
GSM and GPRS Security2 days
GSM Fraud Training4 days
HSPA/HSPA+ and LTE Security Training3 days
LTE Security Training – LTE and LTE-Advanced Security2 days
VoLTE Security Training2 days
Wireless Ethical Hacking | Penetration Testing Crash Course4 days
Wireless LAN Security Training2 days
Wireless Security Training3 days

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