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Digital Twin technology is making a name for itself in several sectors, but especially in the manufacturing realm.

Digital Twin technology in manufacturing allows organizations to test and validate a product before it goes to market in the real world.

A great benefit of creating a replica of the planned production process is that a Digital Twin enables engineers to identify any process failures before production – resulting in considerable cost savings, to say the least.

This is especially valuable for systems engineers who can disrupt the system to synthesize unexpected scenarios, examine the system’s reaction, and identify corresponding mitigation strategies. This new capability improves risk assessment, accelerates the development of new products, and enhances the production line’s reliability.

Endpoints need to be factored into the Digital Twin process. One survey reported that 75% of the Digital Twins for IoT-connected OEM products will utilize at least five different kinds of integration endpoints in 2023. The amount of data collected from these numerous endpoints is huge, and each endpoint represents a potential area of security vulnerability.

Consequently, analysts recommend that organizations should assess and update their security protocols before adopting Digital Twin technology. The areas that are commonly mentioned as needing the highest security attention include:

  • Data encryption
  • Access privileges, including a clear definition of user roles
  • Least privilege principles
  • Addressing known device vulnerabilities
  • Routine security audits

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Digital Twins in Manufacturing, a 2-day course where participants learn the principles of Digital Twins and how it relates to integration of Digital Engineering, modeling and simulations, AI/ML, 3D and integration for service and product-related data and systems.

Learn how Digital Twins can help in the manufacturing sector. Also learn how a Digital Twin creates the virtual model of physical entity in digital way, promotes the interaction and integration of physical world and information world, and builds a reliable bridge for industrial information integration.

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