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EMC “Electromagnetic Compatibility”.
EMI “Electromagnetic Interference”.

See our EMC EMI top courses

Course NameLength
EMC/EMI for Shipbuilding3 days
Design Practices for Military EMI/EMC and Environmental Compliance2 days
Military EMI/EMC Training3 days
EMC/EMI Training for Aerospace3 days
What is the definition of “EMC” and “EMI” acronym?

EMC stands for “Electromagnetic Compatibility” while, EMI is for “Electromagnetic Interference”.

In Which category EMC-EMI fall ?

It’s under systems engineering. Widely used in aerospace, defense engineering.

What is the use of it?

In fact, EMC-EMI is correspondingly used while referring to the regulatory testing procedures of electronic components or consumer goods.

What is the law by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ?

In FCC part-15 rules, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already set up rules of limits. And, that for the volume/amount of unlicensed radio frequency interference what can be produced by any consumer electronics and other devices.

Can you tell other regulations and environmental requirements for EMC EMI?

There are several other regulations such as MIL-STD 461 and MIL-STD 464 outlined EMC. Outside of US, different types of standard like ISO, IEC, CISPR are prevalent.

Does military require EMC EMI design practice ?

Yes, of course. Design Practices for Military EMI/EMC and Environmental Compliance are most popular.

What are the performance testing procedures in aerospace ?

It’s also essential. This phase covers standard terms such as, MIL-STD-461, MIl-STD-464, MIL-STD-810 and DO 160.

Tell me something about MIL STD 461F ?

In fact, MIL STD 461F training provides the information and skills required to implement MIL-STD 461F. and Department of Defense (DoD) usually handle it.

EMC-EMI dictionary.

This dictionary will be containing with acronyms, technical words like Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electromagnetic Interference,Immunity Testing, Emission Testing, RFI, EME, EMP, etc.

Who should learn EMC EMI ?

It’s super recommeded for the professionals like Engineers and system architects, EMC/EMI specialists, Technicians, PCB layout professionals, IC designers, Applications Engineers.

How to learn EMC EMI ? Who offer EMC EMI training and certification ?

Ahh, you’re welcome. Tonex Training offers EMC EMI training, courses, seminars and certifications.