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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the concept of enabling different electronics devices to operate without mutual interference. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) occurs when electronics devices are operated in close proximity to each other.

All electronics circuits have the possibility of radiating of picking up unwanted electrical interference which can compromise the operation of one or other of the circuits.

The aim of employing EMC measures is to ensure that a variety of different items of electronics equipment can operate in close proximity without causing any undue interference.

In the early days of electronics comparatively few items of electronics equipment were in use. However, today the number of electronics items in everyday has vastly risen.

Some of these transmit signals, while many others are sensitive receivers. Others may utilize digital electronics systems that could be falsely triggered by transient signals. These any many more examples may EMC a crucial element of any electronics design.

Later the risks to electronics equipment associated with ESD (electrostatic discharge) became visible. Not only did these damage the electronics equipment, but they could also set false triggers.

During the 1970s the use of logic circuitry grew rapidly, and with this the switching speeds increased. They opened up these circuits to the effects of EMI, and realization grew of the need for EMC precautions to be incorporated into the design if these items were to work satisfactorily in the real world.

As a result of this growing realization, many nations became aware of EMC as a growing problem. Some started to issue directives to the manufacturers of electronic equipment, defining standards that the equipment should meet before equipment could be sold.

The European Community was one for the first areas where EMC requirements were enforced. While many were skeptical at first, the introduction of EMC standards has raised standards and enabled most types of equipment to operate alongside each other without interference. This has been particularly important with the rapid growth in the use of mobile phones

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