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Just about everyone has heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) by now – what’s not so clear is how businesses can benefit from IoT strategies.

For companies, IoT brings new ways to monitor and manage objects in the physical world, while massive new streams of data offer better avenues for decision making (often mediated by machines).

The steady fall in prices of sensors and communications technologies, combined with a parallel rise in understanding of how they can be applied, have raised the strategic importance of IoT, which can produce immense value in settings ranging from retail and healthcare to manufacturing and technology.

That said, for organizations, targeting IoT applications correctly and managing them effectively is far from easy, leaving many companies stuck and unable to move beyond pilots.

Analysts believe a good place to start with your IoT plan is focus on what your already do, make or sell.

One survey found that the most successful companies often played to their strengths—rather than betting on unfamiliar markets or new products. These IoT leaders, the group getting the most economic benefit from IoT, were nearly three times more likely to add IoT connectivity to existing products they sell than the laggards were.

Conversely, laggards—those in the bottom quintile of economic returns—were significantly more likely to focus on developing new IoT products or services.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers IoT Essentials, a 2-day course that targets business, networking and IT professionals who wish to gain critical skills in IoT technology including fundamentals of IoT, strategies for planning and implementation, IoT products and services, and IoT implementation with 5G.

Participants learn about IoT technology trends, deployments and convergence.

This course is designed for engineers, scientists, technicians, business professionals, non-engineers and managers in IoT planning, selling, development, analysis, test & evaluation and operations.

Additionally, Tonex offers several more IoT courses, such as:

Industry 4.0 Training (2 days)

IoT Security Training (2 days)

LTE-M and NB-IoT Crash Course (2 days)

The Internet of Things Training (2 days)

IoT Wireless Connectivity Bootcamp (2 days)

IoT Training Crash Course (3 days)

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