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IoT Analytics projected that 2023 will see a growth of IoT devices by 18% to 14.4 billion, and by 2025, this could increase to 27 billion connected IoT devices.

One of the IoT technology trends in 2023 that will enable this growth is the increased replacement of the older 2G/3G wireless networks with 4G/5G networks.

This technology upgrade is expected to increase connectivity in urban communities, but many rural areas will still depend on lower-performing networks. That will widen the digital divide between wealthy urban areas and poorer rural areas.

Another enabler of IoT growth in 2023 will be the gradual relief of many chip shortages as new production goes online but perhaps also due to lessening demand.

Although chip shortages are projected into 2024, declining demand due to financial uncertainty has caused prices on many chips, including dynamic RAM (DRAM) and NAND flash, to decline. Lower prices on components will result in lower costs for the end IoT products, which could accelerate further adoption and perhaps limit any potential financial downturn.

However, overall, advances in IoT technology are surging. In 2022, major advances were made in AI software algorithms and hardware to train these models on. In fact, many companies are working to accelerate the rate that IoT-derived data can be analyzed and turned into useful insights in data centers and at the edge.

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