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In the technology world, two of the most promising areas are artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT and AI are marvels in their own right, but their inevitable convergence becomes a catalyst of smart connections — connections that help make businesses and industries more efficient.

In fact, businesses across a range of sectors like manufacturing, restaurants, healthcare on-demand, etc., have already started realizing the potential of AI and IoT technologies in making them efficient and competition-proof.

One of the top uses for AI and IoT convergence is healthcare wearables. Usage of wearable devices for constant monitoring and tracking of user habits and preferences has led to a plethora of impactful use cases in the healthcare industry.

While on one hand, IoT helps establish a link between multiple device types, AI, on the other hand, converts the combined data into insights that can play a vital role in making users healthier.

Fleet management also lends itself to a IoT and AI convergence. The combination of AI and IoT is used for fleet management to monitor the fleet’s vehicles, lower the fuel costs, and track the maintenance of the vehicles. This series of use cases are drawn by mixing GPS and other sensors and an AI system.

An advancement of this can be seen in autonomous vehicles which make use of sonars, radars, cameras, and GPS for gathering data on driving conditions and then use AI for making decisions based on the data IoT has gathered.

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Participants learn about IoT technology trends, deployments and convergence.

This course is designed for engineers, scientists, technicians, business professionals, non-engineers and managers in IoT planning, selling, development, analysis, test & evaluation and operations.

Additionally, Tonex offers several more IoT courses, such as:

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