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What makes an excellent leader?

There is no magic. Experts in leadership training tend to have different evaluations regarding best leadership traits. But in the context of business rather than engineering leadership qualities, an excellent leader has the ability to make concrete decisions and inspire other to perform at their productive levels.

Additionally, it is believed that excellent leaders have the ability to set and achieve challenging business goals, take decisive actions when faced with challenging business scenarios, outperform the company’s competition and continue moving forward even when faced with considerable adversity.

Another way of looking at this topic: What do employees want from their leaders? What we’re seeing is a changing of the guard regarding relationships between team members and leaders. Clearly, the bureaucratic top-down leadership style is less effective in the digital age where employees are more connected. Employees say they want a more collaborative approach to leadership.

Various employee surveys point to the same essential leadership skill employees associate with excellent leaders: effective communication. This includes owning up to making mistakes, encouraging team members, and remaining calm while handling a crisis and other important matters.

More key qualities generally associated with outstanding leadership:

  • Vision — They have a clear, exciting idea of where they are going and what they are trying to accomplish and are excellent at strategic planning.
  • Integrity — Complete honesty in everything they do, both internally and externally. Great leaders should always tell the truth, to all people, in every situation.
  • Humility Excellent leaders learn how to listen, and admit that they don’t know all the answers. They exhibit the attitude that you can learn from anyone at any time. Pride doesn’t get in the way of gathering the information they need to achieve the best results.
  • Focus – Leaders always focus on the needs of the company and the situation. Leaders focus on results, on what must be achieved by themselves, by others, and by the company. Great leaders focus on strengths, in themselves and in others.

Leadership Training For Non-Engineers

Tonex offers a 2-day Leadership Training For Non-Engineers course. This is a practical training course designed to address the issues and challenges new and successful leaders are facing on a daily basis in society.

Unlike training for systems engineers, which focuses on technology and leadership for managing engineering projects, this course is more business and organization oriented.

Who Should Attend

This is an excellent seminar for senior and principal managers, middle managers who are on the track to senior positions, executives, directors and decision makers and all potential leaders in both public and private sectors

Why Tonex?

Our instructors have extensive experience as leaders and as instructors in both private and governmental sectors.

–Reasonably priced classes taught by the best trainers is the reason all kinds of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government’s most important agencies return for updates in courses and hands-on workshops.

–Course agenda can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

–Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.

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