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LTE Carrier Aggregation Technical Training, A 2-day special LTE training seminar

LTE Carrier Aggregation Technical Training discusses concepts behind Carrier Aggregation (CA), a key feature of LTE-Advanced. LTE Advanced utilizing carrier aggregation can offer very high peak data rates as well as increased data rates for all users in the cell. Higher capacity for bursty applications supports more carriers, aggregation across FDD/TDD, across cells and more as the LTE-Advanced focus is on higher capacity.

Carrier Aggregation is a key feature of LTE-Advanced enabling operators to create larger “virtual” carrier bandwidths to accommodate LTE services by combining  separate spectrum allocations providing spectrum efficiency and high peak rates.

LTE Carrier Aggregation Technical Training is an in-depth, systematic and structured technical course focusing on 3GPP’s LTE-Advanced (Releases 10 and 11). It covers theory of operation , technology and implementation behind Carrier Aggregation.

The training course provides an end-to-end description of Carrier Aggregation, an LTE-Advanced technology using a top-down systems approach, providing an in-depth understanding of how the overall LTE Carrier Aggregation works. Learn more about LTE Carrier Aggregation basic concepts, functionalities, and advanced features.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing of this course, the attendees are able to:

  • List the basic concepts and key LTE-Advanced features including Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • Identify changes to air interface in LTE-Advanced to support Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • List the key features of Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • Describe the benefits of Carrier Aggregation
  • Describe the key LTE-Advanced changes to support Carrier Aggregation
  • Discuss the rationale for Carrier Aggregation (CA) and key deployment features
  • Outline changes required to implement Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • Describe features supporting Carrier Aggregation (CA) deployments

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