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Operators, marketers and sales teams should be hunkering down about now and preparing a successful 5G monetization roadmap as 5G continues to evolved along 3GPP’s timeline.

Figuring out how to tap the enterprise market will be critical to CSPs’ 5G success, but they must act fast as large companies in many industry verticals are considering whether to deploy their own private 5G networks.

To give customers what they want, CSPs must collaborate with third-party providers to deliver automated, ultra-low latency services and customized performance backed by service-level guarantees. If they can manage this, service providers may find the enterprise market to be a vast multiverse of opportunity with endless demand.

When it comes to making money from 5G, mobile operators need to think beyond the usual business models. But figuring out what new use cases will work with consumers and enterprises isn’t an easy proposition. Studies show that different markets will demand different types of services and operators will need to come up with a variety of cost structures if they want 5G to be profitable.

Experts in this area advice to design a future-proof multi-sales channel strategy. Consider, for example, something like an interactive digital store that offers digital product experiences and customers can immediately buy products from the virtual catalog or pick up products in store which they bought online.

The digital store combines the benefits of the physical point of sale, such as immediate product availability, expert support, personalized customer training, and exclusive services with the benefits of the digital world (e.g., convenience, speed, product information).

To sell 5G services, multi-sales channel approaches will likely be the future, as the customer sales journey is not linear. Online will serve as an important channel for obtaining information and as a purchase channel for some segments. Stores will be an important channel for the experience, education and fulfillment.

This should involve Defining innovative store concepts to create a distinct 5G brand experience, e.g., testing of 5G devices and services, integrated digital/online experience, highly trained staff.

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